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Reach intent Mou Ping of 50 more than person holds invite applications for a job
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On October 18, mou Ping area was held in market of this area talent " old technical secondary school of Mou Ping area is graduate 2008 special performance invite applications for a job is met " .

This activity of invite applications for a job joins unit of meeting choose and employ persons 28, offer obtain employment post more than 200, involve 18 major such as interpreter of article secret, machining, automation, English, Chinese interpreter, accountant, sale, commerce. According to preliminary count, about a hundred graduate and unit of choose and employ persons undertake negotiating, reach intent 50 more than person, 30 people signed obtain employment agreement.

As we have learned, seek smooth area to adopt in last few years hold invite applications for a job meeting, organization take an examination ofing is chosen, especially tired side is helped up, a variety of ways such as media conduct propaganda, for not obtain employment graduate provides obtain employment service, can as annual as such special performance invite applications for a job should hold 3-4 second, alleviated effectively the obtain employment pressure of whole area graduate, also offerred a talent to support for progress of Mou Ping economy at the same time.