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Employee of Olympic Games Organizing Committee of invite applications for a job
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On October 17 9 when to 16 when, the staff member after BOCOG is disbanded attends the in-house invite applications for a job that holds in Beijing talent service center to meet, "Marry again " many large state-owend enterprise.

This year the beginning of the year, BOCOG and 9 large and state-owned companies and Beijing country endowment appoint signed " the member that surpass later generations finds a place for agreement " . These 9 large companies and 38 Beijing dependency have an enterprise to will need according to the job, from BOCOG invite applications for a job a batch of outstanding staff members.

These 9 large companies are company of Chinese petro-chemical group, China ocean finite liability company, China builds group of Inc. of development of electric power of report of company of electrified wire netting of oil head office, country, state, god China center of card of peony of Inc. of limited company of Beijing of group of mobile of bank, China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and.

Live from Beijing the information that total group released yesterday looks, this group is plan of this office management of law of invite applications for a job, project management, will senior financial management, advanced originality, senior the talent of the respect such as originality design. Position with in senior administrator is given priority to, condition of invite applications for a job is to have as corresponding as position knowledge, capacity, above of undergraduate course of record of formal schooling. Want the job 8 years except senior financial management besides experience, other position asks to be in commonly 3-5 year.

The job after the post demand that this invite applications for a job can provide will satisfy the contest of more than 1000 staff member basically finds a place for need. (Reporter Wang Qing)