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University of auspicious group Hunan 9 years campus invite applications for a jo
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On October 20, auspicious group 9 years job of invite applications for a job of Hunan area campus falls satisfactorily next heavy curtain.
Troops of this army of second invite applications for a job separates auspicious group road, begin from October 13, hurry off to 16 towns of domestic such as Beijing, Jinan, Changsha, Chengdu, Xi'an, Shanghai, Nanjing respectively, arrive at Beijing 17 universities such as university of aviation of spaceflight of university of auspicious university, Shandong university, Hunan university, Sichuan university, Xi'an traffic university, Shanghai foreign language, Nanjing undertake explaining to public, invite applications for a job involves a technology kind, production kind, management kind, the sale serves kind with the language kind wait for manage, labour, article tens of professional, cover each arrangement such as specialized subject, undergraduate course, Master.  

Hunan university regards small inter block as the first station of invite applications for a job, 18 days undertake explaining to public meeting, subsequently two endowment did not undertake written examination and interview. With what differ before the invite applications for a job that is this year gives priority to the choose that undertakes graduate and employ with each base and subsidiary, and do not accept spot resume, use the kind that resume sends on the net or group to be in first the whole nation is large-scale use.   

Program of normative invite applications for a job and strict filtration the condition did not affect student people enthusiastic, so big explain to public meeting site, report to the student of attend a lecture comes before the doorway of two side crowded office. Explaining to public meeting site, through interviewing the means that quizs with the spot to be able to see, after entering office, the individual develops direction and development passageway to remain student people the problem that cares most. In speak of the circumstance after entering a company, the chief of group of invite applications for a job says, auspicious had built more perfect employee to grow mode, established major and government profession of labour of two high-ranking officials develops a channel, for employee development built the platform that grow, groom the cradle that the center also becomes education employee.