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Invite applications for a job of Tianjin city disabled can ring down the curtain
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Window of Tianjin of people net · on October 27 report: Yesterday, a theme is " harmonious care, start tomorrow in all " invite applications for a job of Tianjin city's most large-scale this year disabled special performance can be in center of exhibition of Tianjin city international to hold, unit of 186 choose and employ persons 30 more than type of work adds up to post of 937 obtain employment is in invite applications for a job appears on the meeting, add up to 1400 disableds are present apply for, final disabled of 930 to apply for a job and unit of choose and employ persons reach intent of invite applications for a job.

Disabled invite applications for a job on the meeting, industry of chain of underwriting of IT electron course of study, mechanical manufacturing industry, bank, business, meal serves the numerous enterprise such as course of study to assemble in a country to exhibit a center, the disabled that applies for to come round offerred the member that include assistant of process designing of advertisement and planar design, software, manager, qualitative check, tally clerk, lathe work to wait for station of nearly 1000 work. The 13 business section such as the Women's Federation of federation of trade unions of bureau of work of city incomplete couplet, town and social security bureau, town occurrences in human life, city, city also moves advisory information desk to invite applications for a job meeting site, the person that it is to apply for a job is offerred include policy of privilege of disabled obtain employment to seek advice, disabled law policy seeks advice, beneficial of right to work is safeguarded seek advice, sign language grooms, massagist of blind health care grooms sign up those who wait for 23 respects is free seek advice, the spot grooms for the disabled, obtain employment and labor dimension authority provide guidance.

The reporter is met in invite applications for a job spot discovery, compare with photograph of in former years, the station of hi-tech content work that current invite applications for a job meets increases considerably, and involve electron, IT, software, advertisement and planar design kind the job proposes a toast as a result of firewood apparent prep above is common post, make scene of invite applications for a job most of fire exhibit, common language member monthly pay is 800, 900 yuan or so, and technology of software, electron kind post is in generally 1200 yuan of above. And the monthly pay of technical type of work such as taller to technical requirement solderer, lathe work also is in 1100, 1500 yuan or so. A few burgeoning post also opened wide a doorsill to the disabled, one rasorial industry grows a company to recuperate division to open the monthly pay that gave 3600 yuan to food project.