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Demographic dividend is a double-edged sword torture Hubao E labor market indust
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Inner Mongolia has 24.22 million people, 18.8 m illion working-age population, is in the demographic dividend of the peak.

Inner Mongolia's "locomotive" call Package E region created more than half of the three local government revenue (54.65%), becoming the strongest adsorption of local labor areas, however, enrichment does not mean that labor is no shortage of companies who secure employment At present, Inner Mongolia, especially in industrial restructuring in full swing Hubao E region, industrial upgrading, the demographic dividend is a double-edged sword, filled with challenging opportunities, call Package E region to grasp the demographic dividend of this rare opportunity!

Inner Mongolia, the demographic dividend of about 10 years

Inner Mongolia has every year tens of thousands of university graduates to participate in the labor force supply, the various types of job fairs held in bursts, recruiting venue sold out, great excitement. "Labor enrichment, Inner Mongolia, ushered in an unprecedented demographic dividend period, each year nearly 20 million people in New Labour," Economic Research Institute of Inner Mongolia Academy of Social Sciences researcher at Sun junior high school that prediction.

As the population economist Sun aptitude to participate and the author of "population development in Inner Mongolia on the impact of sustained economic growth", and made on Population and Development in Inner Mongolia a few key index, she believes that the current, working age in Inner Mongolia population (16 years old to 64 years) is about 18.8 million, is at a historic high in 2012, after a peak of 1880 people, it is estimated will enter negative growth in 2013. Currently working age population accounted for more than 73% of the total population, in this year reached a record high before, and then a declining trend.

Rich in working-age population of Inner Mongolia's economic development as a full and vibrant workforce. According to the present 78% of the labor force participation rate, the total economically active population of Inner Mongolia in 2012, about 1466 people. Sun junior high school that the most labor-positive enriched population of Inner Mongolia's demographic dividend period, but only about 10 years, play good "hand" and "port" in the production and consumption of the dual role of both rare development opportunities period.

As a barometer of economic development in Inner Mongolia, Hubei Golden Triangle call package, accelerating integration of the three city, people, materials frequently, the demographic dividend effect in the three obvious effect.

Statistics show that since 2001, Mongolia's economic development mainly by the Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos (the "Golden Triangle") driven. In 2008, three cities in the region accounted for 11.13% of land area, 28.16% of the population, providing the region 60.29% of the GDP, the industrial added value of 56.56%, 55.97% of the total profits and taxes, 54.65 percent of the local finance Total income. "Golden Triangle, the region accounted for half of revenue."

Along the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia in the recent economic plan, clearly, make full use of valuable demographic dividend, calling package to create the modern urban system Hubei region in 2015, the region's urbanization rate has reached 65% or more, call Pack E Center urban population of over 460 million people or more, Hohhot, capital of functions and to strengthen the position of regional central cities, a reasonable functional zoning, environmental improvements, enhance the image, build a regional economic center services, science and technology education center and historical and cultural city in the Yuan. Header to maintain and develop the downtown livable city in the world the United Nations handle the relationship between industrial and urban development, urban space to expand south, and across the river to build Dalate Banner implementation. Dongsheng District of Erdos City to co-ordinate, Kang Bashi New Area and the Iraqi flag the town of Al-Teng hot seat towns, and strengthen the range of a city of three organic links, gathering popularity, 2015, Hohhot, central city population of more than 200 million people Baotou city urban population of more than 200 million people in the Ordos downtown population 60 million people.

Call to upgrade industrial structure, accelerate packet E

Demographic dividend situation is excellent, Hu E package to accelerate industrial restructuring. In the western region, held this year, the economic work conference made it clear that calling package to further accelerate the integration process E, optimize the industrial structure.

In this process, three industrial structure optimization and upgrading is in full swing.

At 10:48 on August 8, 2010, is a header in the history of China's chemical industry and even the history of the most memorable moment: Shenhua Baotou Coal-to-Olefin methanol to olefins unit began to put to trial to get through the whole process of coal to olefins process. The success of this first test, marking the first master of the key technologies of industrialization of coal to olefins, the old industrial base of Baotou in the process of industrial optimization and upgrading of a pretty complete "turn."

September 4, Baotou into general aviation base, the accelerated construction of general aviation development, and manufacturing to other sectors of this emerging industry and high-end talent, led the gathering role as the three industrial optimization and upgrading of the "masterpiece."

Statistics show that the market of energy coal industry after Erdos new round of innovation, industrial structure has been significantly optimized, Ordos City, 91 total coal production capacity will be 24.75 million tons / year increased to 48.9 million tons / year, can eliminate backward production capacity about 2,500 tons / year, the city where all the way coal mining 45 million tons / year or more mechanized coal mining or 60 tons / year of open-pit mining, coal mining mechanization, resource recovery rate, with all the intensive production advanced level of similar areas.

Western Economic Work Conference optimization objective to develop the industry, by 2015, coal, metallurgy and chemical industry, processing of primary products reached 50% conversion rate, and strategic emerging industries accounted for the proportion of industrial added value increased to 10%. Focus on building industrial parks in 19 western Inner Mongolia, Hubei and areas which call package to 14 industrial parks in the first heavy industrial optimization.

"It is remarkable, call Package E promoting new industrialization drive adhere to the technology across the enterprise by leaps and bounds, thus promoting the industry by leaps and bounds. At present, the six industries with local advantages of technical equipment, basically to the domestic even ahead of the advanced level, some enterprises have also reached the international advanced level. " Inner Mongolia Academy of Social Sciences Cheow Tong Pan, chief researcher that.

Test of the labor supply of industrial upgrading

Upgrading of industrial structure, call the Golden Triangle Package E welcome a new period of economic development, increasing demands for labor supply.

"Harmonious development of industry and employment is the best choice for the demographic dividend." Autonomous Academy of Social Sciences Economic Research Institute on light military said.

"Now hard to find skilled workers, and older, the cost of wages growth, corporate human cost is not low." Hohhot reporter recently interviewed several large clothing factory, the statutory responsible person who is admitted. According to Hohhot, the Department of a large garment production Xiangrui Minister said, now a monthly salary of a skilled open to 1,500 yuan, are very difficult to hire people, large and small, have participated in job fairs, but to hire the right mechanic is not really easy, workers become pieces of a headache to do. Increasing degree of mechanization, but skilled workers to match the quality is not greatly improved.

"Demographic dividend has two meanings, the first demographic dividend refers to the working age population, the proportion of the total population, the greater the demographic dividend if the share of the higher concentration of labor, followed by the existing industrial structure, whether the full enjoyment of the population bonus opportunity, if labor supply can not meet the production needs, the demographic dividend will not be able to achieve. "Inner Mongolia Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of Economics in the case that the forces of light.

In the light forces that labor-intensive enterprises and employment, fewer and fewer low-end labor demand, the current, facing the adjustment of industrial upgrading in Inner Mongolia, the enterprise is becoming more mechanized, the establishment of modern enterprise system is constantly improved, technology-based companies employing personnel tend to , the number of employers focusing on the quality of light in a large number of employment has ended, the supply of labor should also follow this trend.

10 years ago, building a power plant in Inner Mongolia, thousands or even thousands of people need, and now need only a few hundred people, 10 years ago, a dairy export production lines to be hundreds of people, now all machine operators, only a few people in the production line almost do not see people.

Labor market dilemma

The face of the talent market demand, the current, as one of the main labor force employment is an awkward college students: on the one hand, a large number of university graduates find a job; the other hand, the market some of the posts but could not the right people. Structural contradictions in the talent market supply and demand become more prominent.

October 9, in Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Zone talent exchange meeting, the exchange will be described as bustling, to participate in the recruitment of more than 170 units, the Ordos area businesses surged to more than 40, even though the employer out conditions are favorable, but recruitment results are not satisfactory.

In the field, Ordos City, Tian An recruitment bus company favored the company for each job conditions are more favorable, including cleaner than 2,000 yuan monthly salary, monthly salary of 3,800 yuan bus driver. Even so, a morning time, the company has said that the recruitment situation is not very satisfactory. Human Resources responsible person named Wang this year, mainly over the middle of staff recruitment, and to present some of the talent exchange at the grass-roots service personnel asked more, but some experienced a wealth of talent and expertise in a relatively small candidates.

What ended the Ordos Kamba recently introduced high-end New large-scale recruitment of personnel will become a social focus, recruitment does not pan "three lows" jobs, some low-wage jobs, post set low, low academic requirements.

"We want to recruit some familiar with the basic functions of the technical staff, work experience, proficiency is more important than others." Huatai Automobile Group car factory in Ordos recruiters admitted. The current low demand for labor and the coexistence of high-end talent, high demand for technical talent is rising, companies want the benefits, only to bring greater economic benefits for the enterprise is the last word.

In light military believes that the current business demand for talent is not the demand for academic qualifications, but a highly skilled, highly qualified, high-capacity requirements, to the enterprise is personnel. "The task before us is to seize the opportunities the demographic dividend, but the enrichment of labor is a good thing, but at the same time facing a 18 million strong population, employment pressure, job security imperative." Sun Competency said.

Oversupply birth of executive search firm

"Professional and technical personnel hard to find, a meat and potatoes of the job market." Mongolia Human Resources Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Tianyi Li was admitted. In general, human resources, including two categories of services for large enterprises in the high-end talent, and the other to serve the general business of the ordinary laborers. Both require talent. Production-oriented enterprises need more technical staff, management, enterprises need to reserve personnel, but also need to have practical experience of highly educated people, but managers need to stem from from the grassroots, and constantly working experience, there is a transitional adjustment period.

Many workers into the labor market, people have been looking for work, are seeking a better career position, job-hopping has become the topic is no longer fresh. Rich human resources, a number of companies specializing in human resources are springing up. To Hohhot, for example, registered before 2007, a total of 10 human resources company, in 2008 a year more than a dozen companies have registered. "Although the certificates, but the low barriers to entry, there is progress there is a, generally, into more and more people in this industry." Lee said. Company in terms of human resources, manpower is easy to collect, the key is to go out of their distribution, and the company "production" hit rate of talent, enterprise feedback is good, only bigger and stronger. "Some companies can only do HR work within the enterprise, a large number of human resources needs of companies with foreign human resources, the key lingua franca of the time." Lee said.