Autumn harvest end does not think idle fatigue turns the person that invite appl
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2008 " move of labour force of have more than needed of winter rural area is recommended meeting " in haing city now outskirt labour market is held, share worker worker of nearly 6000 peasants to enter spot to apply for a job.

9 when make, when the reporter comes to spot of invite applications for a job, the invite applications for a job of 300 much square metre already swarmed the farmer of to apply for a job to be versed in inside the hall. Unitive town work turns central Wang Ruibo tells a reporter, autumn harvest ends a lot of people idle come down, hope work seeking a site works. As we have learned, labour market of outskirt of haing city talk organized many 180 company that day, offer post more than 5000.

The reporter sees in the spot, with differ before, this the post of invite applications for a job is no longer in order to assemble and unassemble, chare, clerk " old 3 appearance " give priority to, turn to a few skill post however, if average skilled worker, furniture assembles lacquering of labour, gush to wait, monthly wages goes to 2000 yuan generally in 1000 yuan between. The Zhao Leng of path outskirt labour market introduces, because in last few years the government carries out labor provision to make energetically,groom, make a lot of going out Wu is versed in the farmer mastered one skill can, raise obtain employment competence and post option. And a few companies expand production to also be badly in need of choose and employ persons because of winter, so enterprise and peasant worker worker are met in invite applications for a job on chime in easily.

In spot reporter understanding arrives, because time of distance Spring Festival is shorter now, a few packets take the short-term post that encases salary day writtens guarantee more suffer peasant worker worker to favor. As we have learned, share worker worker of nearly 6000 peasants to enter spot to apply for a job today, sign the intentional agreement that use worker worker 1657. Sign among them first, the peasant worker worker of intermediate technology post amounts to 721 people.