Pay close attention to the government that employee profession career expands
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Employee profession career develops from just put forward beginning to get the attention of a lot of hotels, but how apply effectively or cogent carry out, all the time not ideal. What is the meaning that pays close attention to progress of employee profession career so? How can ability make employee profession career does not develop to become an illusion? Be worth us to be discussed energetically.

One, why the government that the hotel wants to strengthen employee profession career to develop?

The industry property of this and hotel is concerned. Hotel industry is belonged to or labor is belonged to inside a longer phase concentrated model industry, although science and technology progresses increasingly, but inside the hotel slam the door is not actual artificially, so of experienced employee retain a degree is stability of hotel service quality fundamental condition. In economic society, "Development " already became consensus, oneself development also becomes the precondition that attracts employee. How do this make among them the motive of the motive of the hotel and target and employee individual and target organic union, the key that just already retained into humanness one annulus, and the tie tie that management of development of employee profession career is this one link. (see a picture please one)

Graph one

2, the object that professional career plans

The object that hotel profession career plans is ambiguous perhaps be eager to rash advance, the effect that also makes the professional career of the hotel plans to manage sells at a discount greatly, so we must divide the has a public house employee profession profession of administrative levels to plan. Before affirmatory program object, we should undertake analyse and control to having employee arrangement first, square can have a definite object in view. (see a picture please 2)

Express us through going up already very easy see, the employee that the professional career that hotel key pays close attention to plans should be 1, the employee of 4 areas.

3, the goal that describes development of career of employee individual profession scientificly reachs his to run regulation

In the process that designs employee profession object, should adopt the interactive design platform of open mode.

Career of hotel staff profession designs platform

After reasonable design, of goal of employee profession career carry out must have dog administrative system. Career goal is not invariable, because the study ability of everybody reachs the difference that gets used to ability, in different professional development process, repair the blemish sex that to the employee profession career that makes beforehand the target produces certain level. After professional career plans to had been made, employee will transfer another station from a post ceaselessly along the development passageway of the design, rise to higher administrative levels from inferior administrative levels, reach career goal continuously. Accompanying the change of post and administrative levels, employee must accept the change of new post and administrative levels ceaselessly, improve oneself quality ceaselessly, improve quality structure. For this, still need to strengthen pair of employee career to plan to carry out dog and coach, undertake fixed or nonskedly feedback and criticizing an aspect to its job, encourage and the one side that had affirmed, help its overcome the inadequacy of existence, superintend and director guides staff grows toward the target direction of career set, ability achieves career goal finally.
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