How to manage the clerk that is stationed in agency office
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The business personnel be stationed of manufacturer arrives over there agency, it is for better service and administrative agency. But often business personnel and agency " with the passing of time lays condition " , do bad with respect to arm ancon outside abduct, additionally still personnel of a few business and agency do well after the relation, do not go absorption make the market, do chicly in place however refuse " shopkeeper " , no matter pay no attention to,wait a moment to the market. Usually, manufacturer manages these business personnel, method nothing more than the following kinds: It is the method that adopts real time to dog, clerk everyday newspaper of daily, weekly, a period of ten days, monthly magazine, through everyday the job will manage; 2 it is to carry out a phone to dog system, the phone that the clerk wants to use local agency everyday is communicated to headquarters, at the same time the telephone company of business personnel dogs through locating the system undertakes, master the tendercy of business personnel at any time inside working hours.

But the clerk often is to go up have there is the way to deal with a situation below policy, adopt these basic methods to be able to make sure business personnel is in only the market, doing the work, but after all everyday working performance how? That with respect to differ in thousands ways. We know that we cannot manage clerks of these place where troops are stationed for management, and should can from go up at all the efficiency sex of the working enthusiasm that solves a clerk and job. Administrative essence is to improve work efficiency, is not to manage a clerk. Be based on such jumping-off place, the author thinks to be able to consider the following strategy:

One, the incentive policy with sound set

Because the clerk is not in the director's line of sight, want to let their self-conscious job, this wants the professional accomplishment by him clerk completely, but major so won't self-conscious job, how to do?

Here can consider the method that photograph of false or true combines, carry corporeal award, those who satisfy a clerk is basic live demand, carry immaterial award, let a clerk have hope to prospective development. Be told specificly even if satisfy the basic requirement of business personnel through appropriate firewood fulfil, pass at the same time praise, groom firewood of award, belt is off the working enthusiasm that waits immaterial award a moment to arouse a clerk.

2, working flow is built, strengthen plan management

Fundamental management job compares loaded down with trivial details, more moment clerks also are to make appearance, do not want to go everyday actually " wasteful " these time, fill in for instance day of forms for reporting statistics, report the job to wait a moment on time. But if do not have these jobs, how can the company know a clerk again everyday working circumstance?

Accordingly, want to have effective government to the clerk, need considers from the point of view that promotes outstanding achievement, is not to let a clerk report those everyday they think the thing of loaded down with trivial details, waste time already, also cannot improve efficiency. Those who promote outstanding achievement first consideration is to pass what method promotion, need only actually 3 problems can be solved under the answer, namely when, do what business, do over, undertake administrative to the clerk's plan through problem of these 3 foundations, let him clerk form a target to direct, OK and specific arrive each days, before everyday day forms for reporting statistics changes schedule, everyday oneself consult in the evening plan, treat finished condition, solved problem of how many market, developed client of a few terminal to wait a moment again.
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