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Because I admire the administrative way that appropriate home lives in all the time, so annual spring when I attend class to MBA student, the manager An Desi that can invite home of appropriate of Xi Yatu area live in. Bai Gelun comes to my class lecture. He is annual the content of lecture has new idea, never repeat, let me benefit a lot. Once, he tries to be unique, the student that allows me did to be called on classroom " the leader acts as a guide (Leadership Walk) " game, very interesting.

Begin in game, an Desi lets whole class student stand up, move the desk and chair in the classroom entirely at the same time, it is next among the classroom surround into big rounds. The regulation of game is very simple, make a student freewill act an employee of the company first, the station arrives among circle, choose oneself to feel first-rate means and pose walk; Next the director that another student acts this employee of one's own accord. Director defendant knows him / she does not like this stuff on foot means, want method lets employee make a change, till the means that walks till employee satisfies his expectation. The process is here medium, the director can be mixed with expression all sorts of limbs languages and employee are communicated, but absolutely cannot viva voce language. Because this is whole,the process of change employee is used " dumb show " the form is finished.

After it is clear that game regulation is told about, an Desi asks a student freewill raise one's hand is participated in. Raise one's hand of a student expresses to be willing to act the part of employee, an Desi lets his station inter open a pace to go, this student is being stridden slowly pace, lower his head to be like the model that considers somewhat, went along circle. The student that acts a director next came up, see he is being stared at only " employee " looked a little while, stand to him abruptly before, let the meaning of his go no further, use signal of hint given with the eyes the demonstrative action that he views him: Look up quite bosom, walking is strong and vigorous. However, "Employee " look up saw him, still continue to walk with oneself original means. This reaction appears beyond " director " expect, his very amazed appearance, be at a loss temporarily, can follow this only " employee " pace went. An Desi makes stop then, ask them right now respective feeling is mixed idea. "Director " say, the means that I think he walks is too slow, the rhythm that runs with the company does not match, because this hopes he can be changed, the means that presents according to me walks. I try to make him awe-stricken to me with authoritative means, because I am a director, but he is not added to me,pay attention to. "Employee " say, because I think showing his is a cogitative person,I am on foot in that way, slow and steady, do what thing leisurely, the consideration is comprehensive. I also see " director " the performance that does not enjoy me it seems that, but the hyperbole movement that he allows my go no further lets me feel disgusted, those who force to let me accept is disrelish. I am an own person, not was necessary to be subject to absolutely. An Desi asks then " director " , heard the word of employee, how to know oneself should be done? Look " director " the appearance that still is water of a mist, an Desi lets " employee " continue his road, and he himself should rise " director " part. He is first slowly down " employee " pace walks beside his, in asing if to be in in that way circumstances in experience " employee " state of mind, pulled gently with very natural way next " employee " arm, revulsive the pace dot that he is stepping on himself quickens pace gradually. "Employee " it seems that some are surprised, saw him, an Desi holds his chin in the palm with another hand immediately, raise his head come, guide him to walk ahead with faster and faster pace at the same time. Gradually, "Employee " if be realized somewhat,appear, maintaining such condition to go a few minutes. An Desi loosens then the arm that pulling him, let him walk alone.
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