Train new employee like the dumpling that boil
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Because the life rhythm of modern is faster and faster, very few him somebody starts work bag dumpling eats, buy quick-freeze dumpling to come back to boil from the supermarket mostly, go to the lavatory already save trouble. Dumpling of the quick-freeze that boil and boil the dumpling that wraps now different, dumpling of the quick-freeze that boil has a few small tricks of the trade: The first, overmuch dumpling cannot be put in one boiler water, need gives the put apart is certain interstitial; between dumpling and dumpling the 2nd, the water of moment leaving boiler is warm unfavorable too tall; the 3rd, also be the most important a bit, water is burned and do not mean dumpling ripe, at that time dumpling is rawish mostly, must join a bowl of cold water to continue to boil, a bowl of cold water is added again after water is boiled, arrive twice 3 times repeatedly so, float till all dumpling rose to just calculate success.
What is the hang of dumpling of such the quick-freeze that boil actually new issue, most person knows such small doohickey. Regard manpower as the director of resource, if can comprehend by analogy, also can realize a truth that company new employee successfully attune teachs a preeminent company employee from which.

The similar point of new employee and quick-freeze boiled dumpling depends on, you see connotation very hard from its appearance. General component is new employee two kinds: This year's graduates and social personnel. Among them, the appearance that the this year's graduates is wrapping around to unite after the standard system that passed an university is taught moves toward a society, make according to certain pattern plate repeatedly, personnel of society of not little also; is in all sorts of certificate after the severe test that passed the market or unit of many choose and employ persons, one when have oneself naturally answers the way of unit of choose and employ persons, individual personal details also has sometimes have a holiday really, and unit of choose and employ persons checks hard. At first sight puts the quick-freeze dumpling in ark on the ice as the supermarket same, pack very beautiful, through pack see the dumpling inside can hazy look roughly. The dumpling that before next boiler you may not know to buy forever is wrapped well, can defeat skin, let the cat out of the bag.

Our bypass such as grooms, make an on-the-spot investigation etc trifling, basic work, associate from what the hang that how boils good dumpling causes merely, talk about a few " the talent that boil " hang:

One, moderate of initiative water lukewarm need

Water is warm the effect that has in the process of the dumpling that boil, the effect that has in the process of very as new to education as the atmosphere of the enterprise employee is same. I think the enterprise should build a true attitude on the grooming of new employee above all: Accord with actual, unfavorable and ham; also cannot too cool, the manner of moderate grows with what atmosphere just suits new employee most.
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