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Nowadays, our country medium and small businesses is seeking the train of thought that innovation manages, affect in order to answer of the whole world " economic cold winter " . This among them, innovation uses informatization system, sufficient union uses Internet advantage to become innovation of medium and small businesses to run new way.

So how to innovate applied informatization system, the administrative software firm of our country and Internet operation net made positive response. The basis judges everybody severally, the design gave SaaS(software to serve namely change) the informatization product of mode, each have distinguishing feature, each have actor of low quality. The author tries here main to home SaaS product strategy makes one analysis compare, choose correctly with helping medium and small businesses facilitate.

Platform fixed position

Our country medium and small businesses is facing the heavy pressure with management elevatory with each passing day cost at present, perhaps be to suffer this effect, the heat wave of SaaS application was formed quickly in software industry. Because want operation SaaS product, operation business must build a such platform. Accordingly, in management software industry and Internet bound produced a lot of SaaS platform.

Anatomize these SaaS platform, discovery has 3 kinds of main kinds: It is the; that offers core service to add other appreciation form a complete set to serve 2 it is the; that becomes SaaS software supermarket 3 it is pure SaaS software develop business. 3 kinds of types showed 3 kinds of different platform to locate actually.

One, the abacus is like gold that offers core service to add other appreciation form a complete set to serve, with friend.

The fixed position of network of 100 million happiness of golden abacus is platform of a kind of new-style electronic business affairs. It applies the development on the foundation to rise in traditional ERP software and electronic business affairs, reach its to supply design of catenary associate place in the light of the enterprise, with new-style, the ERP system that supports electronic business affairs (namely EERP) is core (core serves) , reach business management, business electronic business affairs in coordination perfect confluence (appreciation form a complete set serves) . Golden abacus names his for platform of business affairs of whole journey electron, meaning in the help business affairs of electron of whole journey of implementation of medium and small businesses manages mode, what compose building supports SaaS pattern is one-stop informatization serves platform.

Specific will tell, the Wu of nuclear be convinced of platform of business affairs of whole journey electron is business management, namely part of ERP of electronic business affairs (service of its appreciation form a complete set has EERP); client management (ECRM) , supplier management (portal of business affairs of ESRM) , electron (EPortal, wait like enterprise B2B, B2C) , network sale (EMarketing, if business chance search, commerce is matched, sincere letter attestation, instant communication, short message) , mobile business affairs (a few big functions such as Mobile Commerce) , and still provide administrative information, the help establishs company trade group.
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