How the salesperson of enterprise of invite applications for a job
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Be in on manpower resource salon, a person of the same trade that makes fast consumable complains salesperson invite applications for a job is bad now: Manpower resource ministry takes a fancy to, sale branch sees bos; Manpower resource branch and sale branch take a fancy to, the working outstanding achievement in real work is like person meaning very much again, where be to problem of my ask for advice?
Develop net organization according to Chinese power natural resources " current situation of invite applications for a job of job of the state-owend enterprise in 2005 " investigation, as a result indication salesperson invite applications for a job is planning gender, scientific sex and professional the inadequacy of the respect. There was not clear demand when sale branch is referring demand of invite applications for a job to manpower resource ministry. The personnel of responsible invite applications for a job from industry standard low not professional perhaps, undertake to candidate intellectual check is given priority to evaluating basically be mixinged with experience, to the psychology of employee the test takes degree seriously to be not worth 1/3. So, besides the objective element of supply and demand of market of partial industry person with ability, of invite applications for a job professional with scientific sex the essential place that is a problem.
Manpower resource management should have solved the problem of 3 respects: Evaluation of value creation, value, value allocates, a bit more specific say, we want salesperson of invite applications for a job, want to make clear 5 respects: What to do? Who will do? How to do? How to do? How to go incentive? Some enterprises are in process of invite applications for a job, do what and who to do repeatedly it is not clear to be done, hard to avoid feels outcome of invite applications for a job is not ideal.
A few experience in oneself are united in wedlock to work in invite applications for a job below, talk about problem of invite applications for a job:
One, clear position description
Position description has on the foundation that analyses in the job, describe the manual of written eventuate job of position, include performance of duty of target of direct superior, job, job and task, job, but limits of rotate post, attributive. Among them the most important it is working duty and task, the investment of the responsibility that includes sale and service, plan, report, job and yield, connection of ministry of inside and outside, daily civil service and content processing. Working manual buys form of behavior, sale and company culture because of different product or service, user and different. Position describes the basis that is job of invite applications for a job, it is to solve the problem that what becomes.
2, hold a post clearly qualification
The condition holds a post certainly after describing a job, general skilled, experience, knowledge, character, hold a post time. The business that the product sells abroad market asks the salesperson's language and its degree and home market are different; The development capacity of the business demand salesperson that develops new product and the personnel that sell old product are different; The product asks in the light of the enterprise of group client negotiation ability of the salesperson and the personnel that are aimed at an individual are different; The business demand salesperson that crosses area to sell a structure gets used to bussiness trip ability taller than area structure. So that the fractionize that the selling manager wants to understand target market finds appropriate salesperson. Hold a post the qualification is the problem that who solves to do.
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