4 typical errors of performance management
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Business management person have an error to the understanding of performance management, for instance a lot of enterprises think performance is assessed even if the expression to employee undertakes assessing, have grade next, mix next salary, fire wait for human affairs decision-making link up with, should accomplish this only a few, manager of a lot of companies considers as OK namely, did performance to assess namely, can solve the problem of the enterprise.
Actually otherwise, because we discover, a lot of companies that incubating this kind of purpose to do performance to assess oversight a basic problem, how is that performance assessment should be done after all? What is the primary purpose that performance assesses?
Then, when they are making assessment, abandoned the strategic goal of the enterprise, threw away position manual, assess for assessment blindly, by manpower resource ministry the design gives uniform assessment list, allot in formulary time, reclaim in formulary time, undertake enforcing classified to employee next, this is an enterprise the concentration that assesses existence error to know to performance management and performance is behaved. What is they did not clear up performance to assess at all, the relation of performance assessment and performance management how, and where is the effect that performance assesses, etc.
The author thinks, the error that the enterprise manages to performance basically centers in 4 respects: 1, performance assessment is equal to manage at performance; 2, thinking performance is assessed is manpower resource ministry the thing of a branch; 3, go up in performance assessment job too pursuit is perfect; 4, the tool that thinks performance assessment is manager management staff, it is the manager does something to employee.
Current, more and more enterprises begin to carry out performance management, or consult a company please, or oneself start work, basically had the idea of performance management, but it seems that a lot of enterprises encountered a same question, it is the time with many expenditure of manpower resource ministry and painstaking effort, established performance government program.
In plan promote, manpower resource ministry also is cost idea very, communicate actively with company manager at the same time communicate, strive for win the support with highest and magisterial business management, the meaning that should run newest performance program at the same time and function communicate linear manager, those who make concerned concept and technical ability groom, but often be in adv unimaginably difficulty and resistance were encountered however when manpower resource ministry pursues plan with confidence, a variety of reasons brought about the plan of performance management finally to carry out no less than going to tardy.
Result, the enterprise spent many time and energy, did the useless work of one caboodle however, make employee fears, the manager feels disgusted, injury of manpower resource management department showed head.
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