Storefront sells management to arrive from passivity active big changeover
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Shenzhen city arranges Hang An to prevent limited company of science and technology, it is how village, family defends a system (guard against theft, fire prevention, prevent leak burning gas, prevent urgent ask for help) one of suppliers of plan and product, the guard against theft that him sale develops calls the police, leak burning gas calls the police, closed circuit monitoring; Monitoring of acting CMOS camera, family, call the police wait for a product, in 4 straight battalion inn is revealed and sell, the client can know the property of the product face-to-face, as the development of storefront, let arrange Hangzhou company results is not little.

But, the company reachs certain level, how does the company consider to prevent a product to suit to start spacious store sale? How to increase the sale profit of individual storefront, perplex administrative layer all the time, storefront language of display of the position, product, salesperson OK and normative, what still can raise the sale outstanding achievement of storefront?

Li Feng manager is suitable Hangzhou the Shenzhen storefront of the company chief, li Feng disclosure has some of client that buys small product at first, show loving care for and communicate what pass him, became big client, li Feng manager feels his salesperson often can underestimate a few client value that buy the home.

Li Feng manager begins to pay attention to the client management of storefront, the active means that he visits with phone sale and client is developed and safeguarded very big one part client, such doing, cost is inferior, profit up-and-up. Because run in the right way, after half an year, li Feng manager becomes the selling manager that manages all storefront, at this moment, what Li Feng pays close attention to is very much it is how to raise all storefront to sell outstanding achievement to go up.

Passivity of hire software implementation arrives active changeover

Storefront of the product display, sale ability of the salesperson has let storefront Li Feng was at ease, li Feng feels to need to have tool of a software the salesperson management of the client management all storefront and all storefront rises, happen to, li Feng's friend introduced a month to hire model client management system.

The client management system of this hire makes Li Feng fast apply, the most important is he feels very save worry, the manufacturer provides full service, include security of server of software, hardware, mandatory bandwidth, data, software to groom wait for a service, li Feng should pay fee by the month only can. Pass try out, li Feng is more glad discovery, this calls XTools ( the month hires sale management system to be able to manage each storefront rise, include inventory of client data, salesperson, product to wait.

Li Feng built 4 inside client management software (city of Dongguan, Fosan, Shenzhen, benefit) storefront, the salesperson of each storefront can treat the sale status of own inn only, the salesperson carries his CRM account, safeguard and manage oneself client.
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