What is highest state of management? The answer is very simple!
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Have so a story, say some newspaper ever lifted those who manage stake of a high specified number to award ask forring answers activity, the title is one aerates the scientist that there is destiny of rise and fall of a nation of 3 concerns world on insufficient hot balloon. The first is environmental protection expert, his research can save countless people, make the earth is avoided be faced with ruined adversity; at be being polluted because of the environment the 2nd is nuclear expert, he is capable to avoid global nuclear war, make the earth is avoided at be immersed in ruined hopeless situation; the 3rd is commissariat expert, he can apply professional knowledge to grow food successfully in barren land, make person of a few ten million breaks away from the destiny that dies because of famine. Heat up a balloon at the moment be about to crash, must lose give a person in order to reduce carring capacity, make the two people of the others are able to survive, which scientist should drop excuse me?

After the problem is rolled out, because bonus amount is huge, correspondence flies like snowflake. In these letters, everybody all is exhausted can, even the macroscopical opinion that ground of a powerful and unconstrained style elaborates them to think that he must drop which scientist.

End product is announced, the winner of bonus of a huge sum is a little boy. His answer is: That the will fattest scientist is lost go out.

From we realize among this conte give a very deep reason: The essence of the thing often is very simple, it is people always suffers only complication them stopped.

Management also is such. Make enterprise and seek wife similar, a lot of people hope to seek the wife of a perfect at the beginning, also hope to do business management to the queen's taste. Hold the person of such viewpoints, wife cannot be found for certain, the enterprise also is management is bad for certain.

When reading, need reads large book thin, next reread is thick. In management, we complicationed simple thing before, what need does now is reductive and simple.

Retell a story: An abundant farmer, after trying hard to be born largely, realized his oldest ideal eventually, owned a grazing land that belongs to oneself.

After grass opens business before long, friend comes round to congratulate in succession, also share the view with peculiar grass at the same time. Between prattle, somebody asks whether rancher already had taken a name for grass, rancher great answers: "Respecting name but interesting, the name that my eldest son suggests to use him ' Jieruisi ' , the name that my young daughter holds to to use her ' Ji Lianna ' , my madam thinks to live here very happy, want to name cry ' happy ' grass, and the dreamy achievement that this is my lifetime, I want to name cry ' dream ' . We come to an agreement consistently finally, grass entitle ' Jieruisijilianna is happy dreamy grass ' " .

Caller asks again: "The name is good really, but how to see raised livestock on your grass? " host answers: " , before is some, it is those oxen only ah, horse ah be overcome to go up in their body bake in a pan is so long the brand of the word, died to bake in a pan completely. Died to bake in a pan completely..
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