Shen Guokang: Type selecting of software of management of medium and small busin
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: The investment that the price does not poor, long seek advice carry out, for quite a long time, these character of business management software are block up medium and small businesses all the time undertake informatization is built " iron gate cage " , informatization management became exclusive and large company " luxurious game " . However, run software market as large company informatization gradually saturated, more and more software firms begin to change centre of gravity to medium and small businesses the market, in home market especially apparent. Lend this east wind, our country medium and small businesses spread out the informatization of dynamic to build upsurge.

Current, our country medium and small businesses manages software market to present the trend that gives rapid growth not only, more enter maturity gradually.

ERP, content shedding supplies chain management software, audit management software to be large company place to have only no longer, varied administrative software product enters small and medium sized business in succession. Although government of informatization of medium and small businesses starts later, but compete as the market incentive with each passing day, medium and small businesses pays attention to the level of management that improves oneself more and more, realize the importance of informatization management and pressing sex gradually, and different company differs somewhat to the first requirement of informatization, accordingly, the product of rich diversity also catered to the diverse demand of different company. Current, manufacturer of market main trend rolled out the product that fits medium and small businesses in succession, still give priority to with ERP, wait like the SAP Business One, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, ERP/U8 that use friend, the star that rich branch information rolled out the bit that provides with carry, audit flows for the representing's content, the product of audit respect, satisfy specific business demand, fill market is blank.

On the other hand, before software of management of medium and small businesses changes a few years " simplify edition " state, custom-built change, modular, industry changes a product to come on stage in succession. Management mechanism of our country medium and small businesses is agile, capability of meet an emergency is strong, capital takes up little, investment is saved, get effective fast, and have economic kind breed of complex, product amount of various, enterprise is huge with the characteristic with distributinging extensive field, have very big difference to running the demand of software and large company, pure " simplify edition " the requirement that the product satisfies medium and small businesses hard. In the meantime, condition of fund of be confined to, medium and small businesses often needs the product of some module only, for instance project management system, storehouse runs a system, carriage management system is waited a moment. To this, custom-built change, modular, industry changes a product to fit requirement of medium and small businesses quite.
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