The doctrine of the mean of business management
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Current, a lot of enterprises of our country and controller manage philosophy in what learn the west, do not have pair of traditional culture however accumulate the rich administrative idea in containing is caused take seriously. The management that they still are in enthusiastically angle abroad is fashionable, but those who change is only " blind imitation with ludicrous effection " farce, when numerous hope is undone, to the middle of traditional culture derive government idea also becomes to be worth exploration and attention approach.

The doctrine of the mean, it is one of the mainest component of Confucianism of our country ancient time, in the feudal society, it is the supreme state that scholar of our country Confucianist seeks all the time, it is the methodology of life philosophy, among them a few viewpoints and concept are very scientific, need us adj understanding, look upon, from which correctly derive raises a share, achieve the goal of make the past serve the present thereby.

What is the doctrine of the mean? Cheng Zi " of impartiality in calling; Call not easily commonplace " ; In person, the correct path of the world, the person that need, the theorem of the world; Of destiny call quality; Lead a gender call; Call asceticly religion; Path also person, cannot leave instantly also; Can leave, blame path also; Hereat gentleman give up careful its place is not seen, scared its place is not heard; Mo Jian concealed, mo Xian small; Gentleman careful its alone also; Happy event, anger, sad, Le Zhi was not sent, call in; Send and all medium section, call the sum; In also person, of the world big also; And also person, of the world amount to also; Send counteract, nature place Yan, yan of Yo of everythings on earth; Sex of gentleman honour heart and path ask learn, send broad and all essence of life is tiny, extremely brillant and the path is middle; Lukewarm know so new, honest and sincere with Chong Li. Above, it is cento part " middle " content, generalized basically " middle " essence, this is the Chinese nation can constantly strive to become stronger, include the essential place of everythings on earth.

Songdai is famous Zhu Xi of home of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, to " · of the four Books (The Great Learning,The Doctrine of the Mean,The Analects of Confucius and Mencius) is middle " add note say: "In person, impartial, had not had not as good as renown. Commonplace, common also. " " in " it is not extreme, do not want go to extremes, not not as good as, also do not overdo. "In " it is take out a highest cent, a lowest divides take out. "In " it is both neither indulge in sensual pleasures, not abstinency also; Both neither I faithful, not crafty also; Both neither commit suicide is world-weary, also do not have an insatiable desire for unripe be disloyal. "In " promoted an officer namely not imperious and despotic, lost an official not humble; Sent money to not be Fu Weiren, sufferred end not to want person end annals is short. "In " it is both neither servent allowing a day loses me, I also do not lose the world person; Both neither reachs for what is beyond his grasp, not abandonment also. "In " it is neither haughty nor humble, not left not right. "Commonplace " , it is common meaning. A kind of method, decision-making or system, it is OK to be approbated by most person only and accept ability to have carry out the possibility that go down.
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