The path of gentleman, Lilliputian and management
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"Of Da Wa contend for " the classic case that regards commerce as dispute is destined to will be record in enterprise phylogeny, the thing that because can be offerred among them,reviews is very much. Think when accepting reporter special report oneself are medium after Zong Qing for example amount to can decoy, think in its ego introspection at the outset ought to " the gentleman after aing person of low position first " ability is right. As character, the keenly felt pain that includes among them is understandable, but if somebody concludes with this a gentleman be a person of low position after gentleman first, perhaps say to must doing the business of Lilliputian at present, also be adverse to him. No matter be,be in it is thus clear that in management first gentleman or hind gentleman, ought to have with one be used to thing, this thing should be to.  

Had sighed with emotion to media already after Zong Qing " the gentleman after aing person of low position first " problem, serve as it " ancestor " thing. Do not know the various schools of thought and their exponents during the period from pre-Qin times to the early years of the Han Dynasty of age the Warring States, "The gentleman after aing person of low position first " " ancestor " whether row n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor among them, nevertheless a kind of green tea picked before Pure Brightness after Zong Qing expresses to the reporter: "Mao Zedong Thought is on management or have very big draw lessons from " , if rise both connection, be worth deliberate, because of the marrow according to Mao Zedong Thought, no matter a person of low position first,still be Xianjun child, ought to be be practical and realistic. Here " be " , can be being regarded is flexibility and principle unity. Make a man of noble character or " Lilliputian " if say to be able to master neatly, its basic principle is cannot of ignore and forget, cannot break namely. In managing also cannot exceptional.

Administrative way looks from different point of view have different intention, relative to at gentleman Lilliputian character, ought to be a profession sincere letter. Be in " ancestor " over there, the path of sincere letter is interior agreement; Reflect in market economy for regular consciousness. Regular occurrence is a kind of progress, however static regulation is a Shuang Renjian, gentleman and Lilliputian can use it. Use regulation " proper selfishness " it is possible, but the thing that also should know others can use it to do proper selfishness likewise at the same time. Distinction depends on, lilliputian uses it to be able to set trap; And gentleman uses it to be able to implement some kind of strategy. When gentleman implements some kind of strategy, admittedly OK basis regulation and going up somehow as joyous as Lilliputian handclasp character, make oneself look like a Lilliputian; But gentleman is known deeply, overmatch makes regular all along, oneself go up in regulation with Lilliputian give tit for tat, because oneself force is not quite powerful,be, be forced to pursue inferior objective, be retreated quite with higher end photograph and beg next; Pay necessary price even occasionally, in order to exchange the concession of the other side. But the higher end that gentleman can not abandon him, won't abandon namely. Gentleman is good at make the best use of the circumstances, the way that makes inferior target be helpful for forward hard develops, ceaseless by small arrive big, by become strong infirmly.
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