The resume with smooth immense forest
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Fundamental condition Full name: Immense forest is smooth

Sexual distinction:

Male country: China


Birth date of the Han nationality: In December 1979


168 centimeters


55 kilograms of native place: Jiangxi is new more than

Marital status:

Seat of maiden registered permanent residence: Jiangxi - new more than

At present seat:

Jiangxi - new more than Click examine original intent Intent of to apply for a job Type of to apply for a job: Full-time apply for position: Commerce / purchase / content flows / storage kind Hope position describes: Hope work area: Jiangxi - new beyond Requirement firewood proposes a toast: 0 yuan / month (But the face discusses) whether to ask housing: Other requirement: But take office date: At any time Educational setting Get education / groom experience: New 1998 Yo of more than city flower high school ministry
2004 5S. Attestation of system of ISO2001 edition quality accompanies example
Content shedding management accompanied example 2006 highest record of formal schooling: School of high school graduate: New Yo of more than city flower date of middle school graduation: What learned major in September 1998: Maths kind The 2nd major: Other and professional Skill special skill and working experience Title: Without title computer standard: Language of common foreign language: English General Mandarin level: Level of language of good another name for Guangdong Province: General and other language: Working fixed number of year: 10 years above Working experience: Reached factory of the furniture when Hong Kong is beautiful 1999 1998 [harbor endowment] storehouse management seeks better progress
Came 1999 2001 8 wood of Chinese limited company
[Factory of electron of rich the sum] group leader of day endowment storehouse seeks better progress
Came 2002 elegant 2005 orchid international cosmetic limited company store carry director seeks better progress
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