How is undergraduate to apply for a job protected " privacy "
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"Talent market is more enlightened now, on resume can of short duration does not paste a photograph, ask to take telephone number only, but the to apply for a job on the net or with enterprise of invite applications for a job differred when interview, the requirement provides connection means and picture, count not sincere to apply for a job otherwise. " the affliction when her to apply for a job was being told to the reporter in the small Qin of to apply for a job of mart of river door talent recently, she thinks, the person that website of invite applications for a job includes to apply for a job of requirement of unit of a few invite applications for a job fills in in detail in resume the information such as relation of individual home address, relative, these attribute individual private matters one wants to hide, not necessary explain to enterprise of invite applications for a job. The undergraduates that legal consciousness enhances gradually think this is " clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror " , "Especially the to apply for a job on the net, if be not filled,telephone number is mixed upload a photograph, resume cannot refer a success. " a lot of college graduate give out helpless aspirations.

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Student family information whether do not fill

Reporter understanding, talents of a lot of company invite applications for a job ask now to apply for a job person fill in when resume, want to write oneself mobile phone date and dormitory telephone call not only, ask to write domestic telephone call even, still have number of parental full name, mobile phone and working unit; Get online when referring resume, must fill in Id number, cannot refer otherwise. To this, graduation was engaged in accounting work planning to find new job now last year, in " 11 " the small sense of heat that around drove several invite applications for a job to meet continuously must apply for a job now special " at odds " : Such won't leak my individual privacy? Of to apply for a job is me, not be my parents, be necessary to ask the job of my parents unit and mobile phone number? The information that who can assure me won't does leak go out?
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