Second Artillery base array focused management training military and civilian pe
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Veterans of several well-known companies are fighting for all kinds of mixed single-shot firearms accessories assembly time does not exceed 42 seconds running technical experts employed by the local field in the contest as a judge ... ... base of the Second Artillery General in the battle management and equipment management changes in the work of training, training, assessment methods, the emergence of talent eager to protect the power of geometric increase. Coincided with the annual Veterans Rehabilitation in time, the base of the Director General Armament Department of the array Bin received many well-known military enterprises and local phone company CEOs: "Your soldiers exemption to our business!" General equipment and base of a regular business with Weng Jianxin, chairman, said: their soldiers out there, do not pre-job training to the can as far-reaching effects. And yet another general manager said the cloud width: one pragmatic, the second is to save training funds, reduce business operating costs. These "matrix management" soldiers of the quality of how they? One set of figures shows: the current queue in their talent, more than 20 people have qualified international Cummins diesel engine maintenance services, with more than 40 high-level national vocational skills accreditation, nearly 500 people was a national vocational qualification certificate intermediate. Qualifications of these vocational skills so that they become the business compete for the "meat and potatoes." Excellent quality from the training model. The operation of them in the battle to change the past, when the trumpeter self-training mode, focusing on military and civilian, military and civilian integration of the real, the original fragmented nature of the decentralized training together, to take "small professional large centralized" model, the financing of training equipment, centralized operation of the backbone, matrix management organizations, real equipment operation training center, hired to teach the skills of local technical experts at the scene, a stratified training, step by step to start, focus on issues, on-site Q & A, etc. rotation. At present, the array of professional management in the protection of 5, the full realization of the civil-military integration of the training mode, so that shorter people to grow more than a third cycle. A recent comprehensive examination results showed that the rate of operation of the outstanding trumpeters increased by 20%. They will also have the potential of some of the technical staff assigned to the relevant manufacturers encamping. Every year as a base to train the backbone of 5 to 8 business Aung approved heart health, said: The war was highly commendable study, received training this year, next year, but also for suggestions for improvement of our products, so that not only greatly reduce the service budget, but also enhance our the competitiveness of products, which companies do not like soldiers looting?