Zhou Shandong College Graduates Employment Service Jobs at the General Assembly
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This morning, the fall of 2010 the National Human Resources employment services market, Zhou Shandong University Graduates Recruitment Conference and the fall of 2010 in Shandong Province in Engineering recruitment of college graduates in the eastern Shandong University Stadium. From across the country provided more than 500 large and medium enterprises more than ten thousand jobs, attracting a large number of graduates to come to candidates. The recruitment of many well-known enterprises, is much room for the students choose. Most companies are focused on the mentality of stable, practical and hands-on ability of the students. Nanshan Group Human Resources director Ma Shouqing recruitment, said: "Now more work units recruited for selected students the opportunity to be more. We hope to recruit some better job attitude, and if the unstable state of mind too often the critical work of students position, then our production and management will bring some disadvantages. " Interview, the reporter learned that the recruitment of students at the idea of more stable career, "development potential" is the first student on the job requirements, graduates CENTRAL: "The key is to look at the company's prospects how to see personal prospects for their own, no wages. "