Hainan job fairs new trend: companies raise salaries Careers
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Into the fall, fresh graduates from colleges and universities in Hainan has begun to enter the job search season. According to the author in the talent market in Hainan Province held the meeting found that more than recruitment, salaries of most enterprises start of the year marked a slight rise. I held in mid-November "before poly End of the World" Hainan meeting that large-scale personnel exchanges, this job fair attracted more than 180 employers participated, providing 5,000 jobs. In the recruitment unit, about most of the treatment situation "price tag" written on the posters. A hotel, Haikou, the pay is given as: waiter salary 1000-1300 yuan 1300-1600 yuan monthly salary of foreman, floor manager of a monthly salary of 1800-2100 yuan. The hotel recruiter said: "The treatment of the hotel attendants given increased over last year, but the waiters are highly mobile." "Internship students 800 yuan, after regularization of not less than 1,500 yuan, with bonuses and benefits." Qionghai City, a company that, for the price increase, the company will consider the capacity of employees, wages to be adjusted. Some companies are hiring at that price will adjust based on current wages, "There is good treatment to hire good talent." "Food prices, rent and the sea 'you', and life pressure, do not really pay too much for Canada." Graduates to work just this year, Wu Lin said. For job seekers, many university students joined in Hainan "appearance Association." Recruitment site, not the makeup of girl students, stepping on heels, armed with resumes, the shuttle in a field interview. "These days are busy around the candidates, in addition to preparing a detailed resume, we will interview the same day in a suit to wear specially rented 'keep up appearances'." Haikou School of Economics senior Zhang Jinfu, said: "For college students , or 'rent suits' cost- effective, as long as thirty dollars a day or so. " "Great efforts to dress up is equivalent to the investment." Hainan University, said Lin Yan, senior female, she should be out in front of her hair, each issue is a must-see fashion magazine titles, over the weekend to go shopping or appointments, she at least spent half an hour make up.