Watch music massive development effort to snatch Talent Campus Recruitment
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December 16 pm news, recently, not long ago in the domestic A-share listed music Watch the video site launched a national college recruiting for the company to increase after the listing of the rapid development of new blood. According to Le Watch ( Ministry of Personnel said that two large-scale recruitment over a thousand resumes were received, the recruitment advertising sales jobs in the most scarce position. November, the Ministry of Personnel has participated in Music Watch 25 million people in Shanghai University, Shanghai fairs and 27 other five joint school campus recruitment. According to media reports, these two job fairs in Shanghai by the end of the largest college job fair, Shanghai University of single-spot recruitment of students will be competing over 30,000 300 companies nearly 3,000 jobs. Watch music COO Liu Hong said that as the online music market to raise funds will be used for Internet video platform for the upgrading of basic and applied, 3G mobile streaming TV application platform upgrading and expansion of R & D center, designed to expand the business scale and improve quality of service, to maintain and enhance the company's competitive position in the industry. After completion of the project will greatly enhance the company's business development capabilities in related fields, and allows the company to seize the "triple play" era of video services opportunities for development. Music Watch personnel manager, said this year's campus recruitment Music Watch the number of jobs is one of the largest over the years, including site operations, technology development, brand promotion, advertising sales and other positions, including advertising sales positions the most scarce, with the advertisers on Genuine, long concerned about the video class video sites, music Watch the ad business has been rapid development. Internet expert analysis, with the video industry's market boom, the domestic development of the video company well, with more jobs demand, this phenomenon will focus on the performance end of this year and early next year. Yesterday afternoon, sponsored by the DoNews site "model for the Internet in 2010" awards ceremony, music Watch was "Most Improved Business Award 2010, the Internet." Liu Hong said: "The importance of copyright industries on the genuine, so the copyright along with the appreciation of music Watch, charges users, advertisers have been very good business development, music Watch movies and television genuine 'fees + free' mode should be said that the United States 'Hulu + Netflix', I believe a lot of genuine long video with the accumulation of resources, relying on the PC, mobile phone, TV and other multi-platform music video channels will usher in faster development of the retina, the hope that more talented people to join the fun as net. "