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does interview of to apply for a job also have " standard answer " ? Recently, the chief of manpower data department of a company encounters a trouble that find both funny and annoying -- same field interview is right same a problem, the answer that different student gives out almost exactly like!

Miss Liu is the manager of manpower data department of a large company, close she helps paragraph of time company general manager undertakes interview of invite applications for a job together. Successional she discovers a strange phenomenon in a few days: Same question, different applicant can make same answer actually sometimes. For instance, general manager asks: "How much is the monthly wages that you expect? " the answer of the person that have at least 8 interview differs very few: "Money is not the first, I respect your salary standard, I can try hard certainly, assure not let sb down your pay... "

Miss Liu says, when just beginning interview, after general manager hears these answers, still hold out glad, but pursy later brows, say angrily: "These people, a this when from where learn to come be after all? How is the answer machine-made? How is the answer machine-made??

As we have learned, more and more college graduate are conceived put obtain employment " jewel " , apply for " secret book " the examination room that is on written examination, interview, the purpose carries guideline of to apply for a job on the back through be being sufferred from beforehand, apply for " jewel " those who go up " wise move " , biff and in. And provide all sorts of obtain employment guidance, market that applies for strategy of guideline, exam also emerge as the times require. In a lot of bookshops, " successful interview guideline " , " interview, see action tear open action " , " jewel of to apply for a job " what the book of and so on occupied a bookshop is full one column, these books are meticulous fine the key in analysing interview, still match with standard answer.

Miss Liu says: "Applicant is implicit ' jewel ' medium way, mode of problem of the answer when to apply for a job is changed, can cover oneself advantage and strong point instead, also set aeriform barrier to talent of company invite applications for a job. " (mansion is late)