Go foreign enterprise interview 5 abstain from greatly
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To foreign enterprise to apply for a job, a lot of people have the preparation that deals with queer face examination questions probably, but although many people do face examination questions to be returned very successfully it is unidentified not white ground lost an election. Is this why? What we summed up the loser of to apply for a job that official of interview of many foreign enterprise points out is abusive, hope to be helped somewhat to you.

Be late break an appointment

Time keeping defends the courtesy that already became at least in the daily life of people about, be late, break an appointment is the big fear in foreign enterprise interview more.

This not only the person that can show to apply for a job does not have time idea and sense of responsibility, can let interview official become aware this you are right job is done not have more cordial, sell at a discount greatly to your the first impression thereby.

The person that interview official reminds to apply for a job, go had better shifting to an earlier date when interview 10 come 15 minutes or punctual arrive. If want a job because of having,be late or absent, must call as early as possible inform this of the company, make an appointment another interview time.

Rebuke others

The very much person that find new job is in face employer " why should you leave former company " when this one problem, often meet of rebuke former unit is not, for instance pay crosses low, former employer cannot the intrigue against each other between know one's subordinates well enough to assign them jobs commensurate with their abilities, colleague, on the fault that chooses the account that oneself find new job former unit entirely, praise new employer how to be like He Hao to the utmost, in order to earn the good impression of interview official.

In fact, in such to apply for a job in interview official eye person meet only adulation, do not seek the account of oneself, such person job scarcely is serious. More important is, even if the fault of the other side, and blindly him evade others of responsibility, rebuke, also can let interview Guan Jiao get you only bear grudges, not affection of for old time's sake and do not know get along with the person, can bring about the allergy of interview official more instead.

Mix into water is lying

Wait as a result of pay of the working environment of the foreign enterprise, pay opposite better, the person nature of to apply for a job is not little, a lot of people show itself to make he are in competition, with respect to exert include Wei Xiaobao type lie kongfu, the profession that forges oneself history, the contribution glom on to that does not belong to oneself.

The to apply for a job that such doing person oversight a very important fact, serve as a transnational corporation namely, sincere letter is to be an upright person most the requirement of at least, any employer won't be recruited without sincere letter, at any time the employee that falsifier regards him as. Although be in interview spot can deceive pass a barrier, but crammer once by debunk, so your wedding day with respect to in the end. Accordingly, the ten million when interview wants truth fact to say, cannot out of thin air.
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