Undergraduate to apply for a job gets major of 0 experience overheat be restrict
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Often hear an undergraduate to say, the job is bad to search, obtain employment guidance lets us lower stance. We put attitude very lowly, cafeteria clerk also is willing to do, driveway cleaner also is willing to do, the industry that wash a foot also is willing to do, why can still you find the job?

The near future, the reporter visited college of Beijing much home, although had lowered stance,discover undergraduates, but up to by August, suffer the rate of this year's unripe obtain employment that seek to still be not worth 80% . Put down " an unusually lucky person " the undergraduates of the heart, predestined relationship why still pressure of times feeling obtain employment?

0 opportunities of 0 experience = ?

Chinese geological university majors Xiaoli tells this year's graduates that manpower resource manages the reporter, from this year arrive first now, she and flounder of a few classmates at each big invite applications for a job is met, the hope can search good " a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord " . "The unit that enrols a person is not little, but others asks to have working experience mostly. I this year's unripe, the experience that which come to, a bit opportunity also is done not have ah... " Xiaoli says painfully.

To this, fine of Cheng of expert of Chinese profession program jumps over a professor to express, the enterprise needs to be able to get used to the value of the job, creation, stuff that has better profession accomplishment quickly. "The this year's graduates starts work the phenomenon that ability still is widespread presence infirmly relatively, many students connect exercitation experience to also be done not have even. To unit of choose and employ persons, this is accepted very hard. " Cheng Liang says more.

Cheng Liang expresses more, undergraduate to apply for a job suffers tired " 0 experience " not be fresh topic already, but " 0 experience " the obstruction that should not make undergraduate to apply for a job. If undergraduates do good profession to plan during attend school, seek practice opportunity actively, enhance technical ability through all sorts of vocational training, gain regular job experience, won't second birth goes out " obtain employment does not have the door " sighed.

Does popular major have an advantage really?

Wheat can think of manpower resource information to manage advisory company to release " to apply for a job of 2007 colleges graduate and working ability findings report " show, cause of the most popular 10 three-year institution of higher learning, if the undergraduate course such as information of law, sale, modern medicine, electron is graduate,all be in the status that seeks for be more than. Computer science and technology are be the first to be affected more, the undergraduate course with the most unemployment after making graduation half an year is professional.

Point out to visit industry expert, in recent years, education of our country talent obtained certain result, enlarge action was industry of our country part to develop a large number of person with abilities, the handsome appearance that solved these industries basically to be faced with a few years afore is rare be short of wait for a problem. As education perfect gradually, the part is popular the talent demand of the industry tends already saturated, certain post talent is superfluous. However, direct as a result of public opinion and social acknowledge, bring about still large quantities of graduate emerge continuously to these in former days " popular " industry, bring about large quantities of graduate obtain employment finally to not have handsome appearance of a few burgeoning industries is the door, rare at the same time be short of wait for a problem.
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