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Nowadays is worth height of to apply for a job, a few " to apply for a job is directive " the book also begins popular book market, pack resume, interview to have what skill, this to a few just graduated from the school " novice of to apply for a job " particularly charming. Remind a reader about the expert however, believe the instructor of to apply for a job of those flowery not blindly, have among them a lot of it is an error!

It is on instructor of some to apply for a job such " directive " of the reader: Formally should appear extraordinary, stress your individual character. A human affairs manager once obtained a letters of such to apply for a job, write on envelope of to apply for a job: "Do not see my resume, you will regret all one's life. " open look, discover 3 wrongly written or mispronounced characters however, the result cans be imagined. "Piece carry " resume is not formally is different, should be in however show individual character essentially, filling in for instance resume is useful the word is accurate reach the designated position, control in order to reflect oneself literal ability; Draw up on content special study, exercitation is experienced, those who will reflect individual character, ability is conspicuous, such " the eye shines " just let unit of choose and employ persons feel comfortable. Of course, of the form be not contraindication distinctly, the duplicating paper that uses yellow for instance hits a resume to be gotten distinctly proper. Of resume packing is not simple " argumentative and disgusting " , not be exaggerated and false more " camouflage " , should make corresponding change according to applying for different profession however. Want to become article secretary than the schoolgirl that fastens like a physics, she can make her professional background certain " ambiguous processing " , change " some university physics is " for " bachelor of some university manage " , discharged unit of choose and employ persons to may be caused so " the talented person is wrong mouth " bad impression.

To interview skill, on some instructor " hang " also appear not so brillant. When the person that try face to face for instance asks you how much the pay of expectation is, say on some books, should change passivity to be active, might as well very much confidence ground asks in reply he is one sentence: "How much do you plan to go out? " it is to rarely interview manager admires such way however in fact however, more recipient answer is: "I listen to a friend to say, now the market level of such position is... " this also has very big concern with the culture setting of different company. Ask you when the boss for instance: "Do you hope what kind of position you are after 5 years? " " with you " the American that answers a likelihood to invite individual character make public is admired especially, be defeated possibly however before the Oriental of collect reservation inside below blast come. Accordingly the interlocution in interview is not to resemble the place on instructor of some to apply for a job writing, have such and such " standard answer " , how " should the person is made appropriate, in season make appropriate, should the ground makes appropriate " just be crucial.
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