Of resume of individual to apply for a job reduce weight subtle move
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A lot of companies are when primary election resume, it is by not quite the human affairs branch that knows business undertakes, the purpose is for the limits of contractible interview, this hard to avoid will be right accord with apply for a requirement, but the resume that does not have characteristic " reduce drop big " -- the company with bigger name, the more such.

Resume " reduce weight " , this is this year the new trend of undergraduate to apply for a job. Try in resume write a law to come up a few pattern are renovated, although did not have formally " reshipment go into battle " , on content " matrix revolution " also can let you seize person eyeball all the same.

Hit the mark with a single comment -- ad style resume

What is ad style resume? It is format of imitated and planar advertising (either " bean curd works " the classified advertisement of type, not be electrical wiring pole more go up " psoriasis " , however the figure advertisement of old brand on newspapers and periodicals) write resume: Stress dominant position of your to apply for a job with a caption, 3/4 what take a page, circumstance of individual of other such as, study carries out experience to wait a moment, platoon of uniform small character is from the back -- must not be afraid that others is invisible, look in unit of choose and employ persons, it doesn't matter of majority new personality parts, "Take a person in order to teach " or " with school take a person " it is the reason that does not have reason. The title that wants you only can " arrest a person " , you get the chance of interview likely.

Thinking breakthrough: To apply for a job promotes him to unit of choose and employ persons namely, write resume to seem to advertise for oneself. Do not think oneself do not have a school it is setting, certain to lack practice experience " do not sell give good price " . Also do not fear ad style resume is not trusted, active advertisement standard is the crystallization of experience of master of the be on sale that count era, want to be used cleverly only, "Sell a good price " it is cole dishful.

Biff of decide the issue of the battle: Caption wants essence of life, mass advantage minitary force, heavy fist hits out, sheet nods a breakthrough.

Tactical detailed solves: Alleged caption " essence of life " , it is to point to the dominant position that wants the requirement in unit of choose and employ persons and you between, choose optimal " sell a site " , a refined word conveys reoccupy come out. This word is OK of genteel, also can be become known word, but must on respecting drop, and cannot too long.

Alleged " only place is broken through " , it is to point to can choose dot or a face to say only, be like Hai Fei silk to say scurf only, and Pan Ting says alimentary hair is same only, must not say with accepting or reject too much because of embarrassing or say too complexly, can make you become in the eye of personnel of invite applications for a job only so appearance is ambiguous, lack clear profit drop.
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