The sea returns how to raise to apply for a job to be led successfully
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After Xiaomei goes back to the motherland, ever also cast everywhere send resume, the effect is very small. Below the guidance that consults adviser in the profession, she and chief inspector of market of a consumable get in touch, make an appointment with its to meet, the hope discusses current market position condition with its. Small in chat plum conveys her idea and strong point come out. Finally, this friend gave the person of the same trade inside the circle Introduction Xiaomei, small Mei Ye found satisfactory job eventually. "Interview of information ask type " it is Xiaomei the abbreviation to this kind of method. Particular operation is as follows: Find the person with 3 two relevant familiar domains above all, by its the introduction knows crucial governor; The purpose is with to apply for a job when interview, and it is a purpose in order to enquire pertinent information, can ask the other side to recommend a few relevant personages again finally. Such, you are OK more of bring into contact with is relevant the controller of the domain, have more opportunities, show oneself ability and think of a way adequately.

The sea puts in to apply for a job 's charge cold main problem is encountered to depend on unit of choose and employ persons lacking understanding to its ability in the process. The leap that the sea puts in an amount 's charge also makes unit of choose and employ persons returns to the sea " quality " heart impeach Lv. And just of this kind of practice is in casual a thought oneself and had capacity disclosed unit of choose and employ persons. "Interview of information ask type " be establish the method of to apply for a job on human association one kind, compared with the advantage that plays to apply for a job to be able to highlight an individual more easily and specialty, let unit of choose and employ persons have the knowledge of more full-scale development to his actual condition; Additional, the environment that communicates easily, also make to apply for a job person because nervous and play is wrong,won't miss obtain employment opportunity. "Interview of information ask type " regard a kind of new to apply for a job as the method, have the advantage that traditional method does not have. Good method has good intention state again, it is successful premise. Each seas return to understand his good qualities and weakness most, the choice fits pattern of his to apply for a job most, will raise the successful rate of to apply for a job undoubtedly.