Officeholder " broiling " backside under cover what?
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2009 officeholder position " contention battle " fired a shot on October 15. In last few years, officeholder takes an exam " heat wave " warm up ceaselessly, hundreds of people, on 1000 people contend for a position already was not the thing with strange what. On October 13, admit by examination the first day when information releases, because the hit is too much, manpower resource and website of social security ministry are squeezed paralysis. Face officeholder " high fever " the current situation that does not retreat, we can't help giving out such doubt: Why does officeholder exam have so big appeal? The person that how will jump over along He Yue wants to eat " emperor grain " ? Officeholder " broiling " backside under cover what?


1000 army 10 thousand horses are contended for together " iron rice bowl-a secure job "

2006, in the center of, 97 branches face national office the society admits by examination publicly officeholder 10282 people, have contend of nearly 1 million people signing up, admit on average rate for 48.6: 1, the most popular profession admits rate be as high as 2014: 1. Officeholder admitted by examination 2007 involve 89 branches 12724 position, shared 1113966 person-time to submit application signing up through the network, 742386 people pass qualification test, confirm a number finally 535574 people. National office plans to enrol collection officeholder in all in the center of 2008 14 thousand more than person, the candidate for an entrance examination that passes qualification test has 640 thousand. From these data we also can see the difficulty that takes an examination of officeholder, say 1000 army 10 thousand horses cross single-plank bridge to had not been been. So we can't help wanting to ask: Why do they take an exam to officeholder so have a special liking, is officeholder exam such does the reason that be heated holds in both hands where? Visited a few examinee that signing up for second reporter.


The backside that officeholder be heated holds in both hands

"Officeholder not only the work is relatively steady, and all sorts of social welfare are much also, one's deceased father on officeholder is meant all one's life need not be anxious for unemployment. " Ms. Wang that had worked says. "The work searchs very hard now, good job searchs harder, the unit is not stable also now, precarious, perhaps which days with respect to come off sentry duty, so I still take the advantage of myself young take an examination of try. " still reading big the small Wu Ye of 4 had joined the main force that takes an examination of officeholder. "One's deceased father on officeholder also is meant when " official " , much better when the official ah can bring honour to one's ancestors, the right is old " grease " much also. " from these aspirations we see not hard, profession of self-confidence of psychological angst, lack, lack plans, it is the main reason of post of officeholder of heart of university heat build-up; Officeholder social class is high, the job is stable and decent, duty has right, complete welfare system also lets a lot of people envy, the gray income outside still having salary makes a person jealous more.
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