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A lot of people tend in long-term job coma, lose the accurate judgement of pair of him ability and part gradually. Work onerously to be in everyday " harm " move everybody's body and mind, make everybody although temporarily leisure comes down to also do not wish to ponder over future. And think to won't have clear fixed position without development. In on-the-job field, we are products actually, where is just think short of the product that loses fixed position to sell a dot to be in? Where is core competition ability, abiding competition ability again?

Miss Zhu, 27 years old, in July 2003 the 2nd industry of Shanghai university computer undergraduate course graduates. 2003 is the height of the first obtain employment after overall spread enrols the college year, obtain employment competition is very intense at that time, by force of the pressure of obtain employment, after undergraduate course graduates, Miss Zhu still used off hours to take an examination of a graduate student oneself. During this, miss Zhu also has pursued a lot of station in disparate industry, went 4 years now, miss Zhu circumstance how?

In interview process, miss Zhu spoke working experience of these a few years, she has entered software company, network company and business of large foreign capital early or late, had pursued different work station, once found new job 5 times, amid ever also was joined had added very much grooming and professional qualification exam, the ability that wants hard to promote oneself and level will shorten as soon as possible the distance with the target, but because find new job frequent, still be engaged in up to now most the position of basic level, before paragraph time applied for a few companies, because the lack of experience is mixed,do not know skill of to apply for a job and continuously fails, where is the direction that connects oneself now very confused also.


The expert thinks, the reason with Miss Zhu bemused profession basically has 3, it is the problem of skill level, because oneself skill or the to apply for a job that experience is lacked and encounter are bemused; It is a respect be skill level, if interview skill, information is not expedite,wait; One is psychological level. The fear that gets setback of to apply for a job to bring about pair of to apply for a job repeatedly for instance.

Above all for, miss Zhu does not have the fixed position that makes a system to his profession and program from one graduation, give birth to obtain employment pressure as a result of the university that graduates at that time very big, got again the school " first obtain employment, again choose course of study " influence, most student is put oneself in " how to come down oneself surely first " condition, the result entered a business after period of time, because had not become occupational fixed position to oneself, more and more contradiction and bottleneck appeared in working, next progress do not continue, then him feeling suits this job far from, generated the idea that find new job then, the job from the back also is such, the job from the back also is such, such since the dead loop that is immersed in duty field.
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