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To new employee, how can the enterprise make his fast blend in a group? Through what method to create better growing environment for new employee? How to pass groom, make employee skill more perfect, older rate land develops latent capacity...

New employee prediction of a person's luck in a given year, although have reasons of a variety of so called individual, but because cannot get used to station job as soon as possible,still be more very, feel without achievement, cannot blend in the reason such as the group to cause well. But, it is what brings about new employee to cannot get used to working station very quickly, do not have achievement to feel, cannot blend in a group very quickly? The job of invite applications for a job that is us is done not have good close, came in improper talent action? Return be us to groom the job was not accomplished, cause new employee not to understand his job? Enterprise should anew staff invite applications for a job, new employee grooms, professional career plans 3 respects will stop new employee prediction of a person's luck in a given year, let new employee get used to the job, value that blends in oneself of group, play quickly.

The talented person with right invite applications for a job

New employee can fit working station immediately and blend in a group, this depends on greatly what invite applications for a job works is good with bad. If enrol the person that come in newly,just be right talented person, so he can get used to the job immediately, conversely criterion otherwise. How to ensure enterprise can does invite applications for a job arrive right talented person? Can begin from the following respects:

1, to company culture get used to the assessment with self-identity

The employee that does not agree with company culture is impossible that actively creates value for the enterprise, also come down firmly in the enterprise very hard surely. The end that must want pair of companies as the personnel of invite applications for a job of the enterprise, politic, culture and value are having very good understanding, regard invite applications for a job as a when applicant evaluates in the process important basis with this.

General we can mix collective discussion through simulative setting, the originality ability to different group, analysis ability, control ability (drive changing capacity namely) kimono Wu consciousness has a test. Of this kind of group differentiate, we can undertake according to the standard of performance. Pass a test, with respect to the erroneous tendency that can see company culture apparently, find out the personnel type that suits business development.

2, to applicant's post;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to force is evaluated

In process of invite applications for a job, the professional skill that manager of invite applications for a job is the professional knowledge with correspondence of place of the post in position manual and place need commonly undertakes flow of invite applications for a job is designed, normally the applicant of professional and incorrect mouth can be in be fallen into disuse to go out for a short while bureau, and post skill and experience are a piece of white paper almost to just giving the applicant of the school gate to tell, can see a few difference that can show the current capacity that come only right now, be like: Expressive ability, writing ability; But can say to be not represented able, accordingly, be elected as the person that unplugged a few insufficient post work, prediction of a person's luck in a given year is sooner or later thing. Major is admittedly important, but all sorts of quality that what cannot ignore is post place need, it is important still to compare major even like the crucial quality such as serious and good state of mind, responsible, perseverance and perseverance.
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