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In such one is full of the times with change, intense with each passing day competition, the crisis and pressure had become the normal state that we live. The paroxysmal incident that is encountered by company of governmental organization, business when public look and crisis disturbance place are attracted, mix when difficult to apply for a job find new job often your person is whacked, let a person flinch when the house price of each big city tall look forward to, many people begin static next hearts will ponder over a more actual and severe problem - professional career of the individual.

College enlarge action, organization changes, ageing of age growth, knowledge, the combined influence of element of inside and outside, those who let more Chinese experience the pressure of the life and development is confused, "Professional crisis " ased if to become suddenly to make popular feeling painful unceasingly word. Arrive from an unusually lucky person that just walks out of a school gate rush the white-collar public figure with old field swinging duty, arrive from average company worker senior manager staff, in the dictionary of the people of different role, different sexual distinction, different age, disparate industry, different position, "One word of professional crisis " begins to appear and clear with each passing day rise.

Specific and character, professional crisis is potential because of person, time, environment, good luck different, but general for, will differentiate from age administrative levels, in the different level of life, most person is encountered the most possibly the following crisis of 4 kinds of professions.

~ is 25 20 years old years old: Choose the crisis

20 years old arrive 25 years old, this age paragraph the gold period that the person is in physiology to go up, they are red-blooded, driving, rich enterprise, right future is full of look forward to, but experience of society of general however lack. Long to succeed very much on one hand, the hope obtains what achievement gets society and another person to approbate as soon as possible, on one hand mood is compared again blundering, first experience duty field, many people can feel very difficult suit, can suspect oneself choice sometimes even. Because get the influence of the element such as experience of oneself disposition, viewpoint of value, society and external environment, give the crisis that in-service course of study chooses and bewilderment more easily.

So, choose the first job, find a good professional career starting point, appear crucial to the person of this one period.

To graduate people, face dazzling profession and post, in feel the world outside " is very wonderful " while, often also can lose way, do not know how to choose. Before the crisis and pressure, appear probably two kinds of extremes. It is too self-abased, 2 it is consider oneself great-hearted. First experience duty field, the undergraduates that do not have working experience in the market after a few be rebuffed, a few people generate self-abased sentiment easily. In this kind of mood infection falls, somebody can choose to continue attend in a advanced studies, read a graduate student to serve as temporary port. Somebody can reduce a demand, cursory job seeking a share. Because domestic economy condition has been compared,still have a few people, flat be out of job in the home escape obtain employment. And because the person with great-hearted consider oneself proposes a toast to job of working unit, station, firewood the expectation of welfare is worth too tall, encounter a setback possibly also in process of to apply for a job, be immersed in the condition of blind obtain employment thereby.
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