Transition, how to search professional breach?
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Frank is in famous appear on the market the market department of the company holds a post, though treatment is favorable, but always feel oneself had not found professional breach. Because be here, he takes on without independence the opportunity of task of a layout, because division of labor is too fine, a lot of detail he can " hear " and cannot involve with one's own hands. The Frank in 5 years does what can do ripe, and his great ambition always lets him cannot be satisfied, from where should start to have a profession " break out of an encirclement " ?

Frank takes an examination of the computer major of a renown school of Shanghai with outstanding achievement before 9 years; When graduating, driving before network bubble is undone one year, he finds a well-known network company easily, pursue network process designing and database development, enjoying favourable labour salary. Probably Frank has distinctive interest to process designing, developing a field, he also is the ace of the company really. He ever also had traded a few companies, because do not have professional program, find new job a few times to did not bring the promotion on position to him. As the addition of working fixed number of year, frank begins hesitation, it is to continue to make a technology, in-house and rising, exterior still seek new opportunity, does or turn row?

The plan of professional adviser:

According to the professional tendentiousness of Frank test and individual character check a result to show, he accords with from professional technology model manage to the technology compound model the condition of change: The age before having actual strength and eye with his, can go to an enterprise completely what culture suits him is medium miniature company, hold the position of sale director or market plan no matter, development foreground very value.

Market of 5 years works, frank already accumulated those who comparative to contain Troy on business, the foundation of professional career passageway is made basically already finish. Professional gold period coming, profession of already conditional now choice develops way. Professional adviser is the metaphase profession objective setting of Frank professional handler, gain more professional breakthroughs and rising opportunity to will be met henceforth, proposal Frank goes to the company with relatively lesser dimensions making an attempt one time, over, come the experience of Frank deposit can let his extraordinary, show itself, 2 come Frank can the business with can valuable to his profession target more of bring into contact with.

After accepting a proposal, frank entered enterprise of a civilian battalion very quickly to make the market be in charge of, cooperate tacit understanding with boss, he began to " professional handler " transition.

To Frank, adviser of hertz honest profession points out: "The career needs to plan for a long time, the professional career of a person also needs the drive of such stand high and see far, this can make you bypass a lot of crooked road are mixed avoid to be bridled Mi. " evaluate a tool in major " scan " hind, professional adviser discovers: FRank is the person with a quite high intelligence quotient actually, his disposition is quiet, work style is rigorous and dependable, having very strong conviction, have good communication capacity; Look from professional tendency, he suits to do the work of technical management, also suit to seek advice from advisory role, these professional tendentiousness reflected the immanent latent capacity of his individual.
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