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On October 18, 19 days, 30 undergraduates player attended Heibei to save career of profession of the 2nd undergraduate to plan to design contest total final in provincial capital. So far, last a period of time of 7 months long, the undergraduate profession career that saves 72 colleges, 150 thousand undergraduate to attend completely plans the activity fell eventually heavy curtain. In recent years, I save in successive years of college graduate number to rise, the new issue that faces to answer undergraduate obtain employment and challenge, since 2006, my province takes the lead in in the whole nation will " program of undergraduate profession career and choose line of business are direct " the communal obligatory course that labels student of complete province college. Current, this kind of practice already was popularized in countrywide college.

After all what is professional career program? What kind of effect can professional career program have after all to undergraduate obtain employment? Can a pure communal obligatory course defeat the obtain employment difficult problem that solves an undergraduate from certain level? Taking these issues, the reporter walked into undergraduate profession career to plan to design the competition ground of contest total final.

Their some wants to become village officer, be a hard job to to get be flushed, at a loss for word by the land dispute that the commissioner assumes however; Their some thinks the professional specialty that produces his takes an unit of speak or sing alternately, however by " observation is round " the pay that tells target station has resembled no longer once upon a time in that way everybody express one's admiration; Their some wants to do poineering work independently, implementation dreams to old dance as a child, the difficult problem that must face and so on of one pile cost accounting to never had learned technically however...

They are the undergraduates of new generation, when Chinese campus moves toward the masses to teach from elite education, in the reality with undergraduate hard obtain employment, the delegate that Heibei saves career of profession of the 2nd undergraduate to plan to designed contest total final to give complete province student of 150 thousand college reveals life dream and reason to ponder over the platform of achievement.

In finals spot, I save some college obtain employment to coach a directive teacher of the center tells a reporter, although be in the practice in campus, "Undergraduate profession career plans " did not resemble what competition ground reveals filling passion and dream in that way certainly, "But it is broken solved students a few very actual very trifling small bewilderment, can become solve obtain employment a of difficult big question pretty good grasper. Can become solve obtain employment a of difficult big question pretty good grasper..

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