The profession plans " big one " begin the most appropriate
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"The undergraduate begins to already had period of time alive, a lot of new issues let me be full of to the road henceforth expect, but excited, have one however silk is confused. Go up in study especially, again also unlike high school in that way, the teacher assigns task everyday, still have ' enter a higher school ' drawing of hour of this aeriform baton is worn we, want to follow the prescribed order only, effort study, can achieve ultimate goal. And now, although entered oneself for an examination economy is professional, but I am not clear that whether I like this major, do not know what oneself should do, hope teacher can give me a few helps, tell me to should try hard toward what direction. " just attended a college the Chen Tongxue of one grade is discussed plaguily with the reporter. Actually, what new student place faces is confused, it is the uncertainty of pair of tomorrow ends. The most efficient way, undertake professional career plans as early as possible namely, taking the target, undergraduate that taking direction to begin his to live, from major the many sided such as literacy class study and social practice is the job after 4 years to prepare.

Graduate plaints " professional target " ambiguous

Graduate already was in the university of next year to prepare for his graduation in succession now, write thesis, make apply for resume, attend invite applications for a job to meet. But the reporter discovers in interview, most student attends invite applications for a job to be able to one is plant " go to market " feeling, not target, do not have preparation. "I also do not know I want to seek what kind of job, go attending some of invite applications for a job to meet more, send some of resume more, do not search get good job complete by luck. " on this year big the Xiaowang of 4 tells a reporter, "Obtain employment competition is so intense now, the job should ' along with enter town all right ' , can look for the job with a good salary to go. Can look for the job with a good salary to go..

It is big likewise the Xu Lin of 4 students, the busy however recently profession before accepting graduation plans to coach, he tells a reporter: "Classfellow had not accepted a profession to plan to coach, but should begin to apply for a job now, do not know oneself want a kind of what kind of job after all however, this makes a person very confused with anguish. The education of professional program respect, I feel or very be necessary, and best can some earlier. And best can some earlier..

Current, undergraduate profession target is relatively ambiguous, lack acknowledge to ego, and " the profession plans " hind the consensus that goes applying for a job to already became a lot of undergraduates again. "After the analysis that heard professional program expert, I feel the profession plans very be necessary, otherwise university years is wasted probably. " major of sale of department of economy of institute of unity and coherence in writing is big the Feng Tongxue of 4 says, "I recommended a poineering guidance teacher for me in the friend of Shanghai university, his disposition according to me and domestic background, helped me analyse place to read professional actor inferior position and the profession that suit development. The target of my to apply for a job becomes very clear now, and still let me understand to apply for a job wants ' do not pull a hand casually, more do not let go casually ' truth. I believe my professional career henceforth can go more smoothly. I believe my professional career henceforth can go more smoothly..
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