Duty field charges to also want market research
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Charge, it is a lot of duty field people after working for some time, know the thing that regular meeting goes to doing. Look seem a very average issue, somebody goes to willingly, somebody is forced to attend. The effect after charging also each are not identical, the horse power after somebody charges is very, edge leakage of electricity charges by the side of somebody. The effect that why charges to be brought to different person is different? Must all duty field people undertake charging? How does ability find those who suit his to charge means? Duty field expert undertook reviewing analyse.

Charge attend in a advanced studies, at present became a lot of white-collars a when type should span to develop place to face on on-the-job field important segment. Duty field net registers profession of expert, monarch to seek advice from explanation of presiding and advisory Li Jianming to say, what actually we say charge, cent charges for ego and exterior charge two kinds. Ego charges is the person with those self-study stronger capability, oneself learn relevant knowledge. Exterior charging is apparently very through attending a few groom the class will learn. Anyhow, the thing that always learns can raise him competition ability of the following profession, it is charge. Active demand goes the white-collar that according to investigation at present probably 34 is become charging, and other no matter be what reason,passivity charges.

Actually, these knowledge that we learn are mixed batteries is same, some knowledge are practical model, some has long-term effect. But different batteries uses charge kind is different, the batteries that different situation needs is different also. Mr. Li listed what diverse demand falls to charge circumstance, seeing the knowledge that we learn is which sort after all model batteries.

Lithium battery: Endurance: ☆ of ★ of ★ ★ ★ is practical: ☆ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

This kind of batteries sees more in camera of computer of mobile phone, notebook, number, its characteristic is abiding and durable. On-the-job field charges on, also have battery of this kind of lithium. Some people feel his record of formal schooling, qualifications and record of service is insufficient, the hope changes his destiny through charging. Or it is the professional program that some people have him to make clear, the hope reachs stated position in a certain phase, to achieve goal of oneself this kind of program, that is about to charge. The knowledge that learns at this moment is extremely pressing to them, also be very necessary. Below this kind of circumstance meeting electric power is very like charging to resemble lithium battery, and use time also is met very long.

● charges person: Liu Tao

Liu Tao is a very ambitious person, did not develop good when the university entrance exam. The in a medium dimensions company after graduation works, recumbent oneself assiduous job, also can go up basically too comparatively well-off life. But Liu Tao looks at the high buildings and large mansions all round, look at beside the white-collars of in and out, his not reconciled to, do not think go no further at moving back and forth in the subway everyday. The beginning that he is working reviews a homework, take an examination of the graduate student that attended a college finally. After he hopes he graduates, can stand on a higher starting point.
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