Duty field phenomenon: Work overtime go regular
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Basis " company citizenship " fill in or file overwork time

This is a very interesting conte. Sabrina, the employee of company of consumable of an United States; Emma, the employee of enterprise of an England general merchandise; Joe, a Japan makes the stuff of the enterprise. Work overtime in Beijing CBD likewise in the evening at 11 o'clock, but go up in their overwork form, reflective state is widely divergent however. Will look from form, sabrina worked overtime in the evening at 11 o'clock, emma is 9 when the firm that Xu Li opens; The strangest is Joe, form shows, she ended the job at 8 o'clock.

Why can have in the analysis before such phenomenon happens, we see overwork time of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership first is how one and the same. Running relatively perfect company, work overtime to also have a flow. The basis is right of working hours estimate, offer overwork application, fill in overwork time, by the director hind of examine and verify signs make file of equipment of manpower resource ministry (in carrying out, be for the most part after working overtime, fill fill) , this form will serve as the basis of computational overwork allowance, also be the important reference that undertakes working assessing to you at the same time.

Come up according to literal understanding, should be to a few hours add to a few hours fill? Go regulation exerts its powerful influence immediately, let a lot of people work overtime in fill in a form and submit it to the leadership time when, want careful consider.

Beautiful type business management relatively human nature is changed and comfortable, employee is used to truth fact to say quite; And what British duty field passes through is not to work overtime culture, the employee of Chinese branch wants to dress to headquarters, but the situation that cannot avoid to work overtime really again in home, take its so eclectic. And the characteristic with the most outstanding culture of field of day department office works overtime namely, the person that took new artery to leave Tokyo at 2 o'clock in the middle of the night cans be found everywhere, but working overtime is one and the same, corresponding redound is other one thing, the lifelong employ of day look forward to is made decided employee is the home very easily with the company, dedicate actively. Consider this both powerful impact, the behavior of Joe is not fathomless. Time just works overtime in story of meeting occurrence above so identical, but the situation with different however record.

TIPS 1: Other left and right sides the element that you apply for to work overtime

Company to working overtime the specific provision of time

Boss whether once politely reminds you to had used time going to work

With your level the overwork time of the other staff of likeness of same job property and frequency

Work overtime to be not sung " monodrama "

Resounding temporarily EMC " mail door " incident, the fuse works overtime just about. The boss returns company discovery to did not take the key (the boss lies right now overwork condition) , and the secretary has come off work come home (did not work overtime) , right now, boss connection secretary asks she will open the door (boss requirement employee works overtime) , but fail to be contacted. Then, after several hours, the boss sent a mail to criticize a secretary, and the secretary feels he does not have what blunder however (stay behind for the boss open the door not to belong to the working content inside strict category, not necessary will fulfill through working overtime) , reply with mail of an expression strong then, turn at the same time sent other fellow worker, in becoming netizen mouth from this " history go up most Niu Nv's secretary " . The ending of incident is the secretary resigns and for a long time cannot find new job, boss to also be in before long hind leave one's post. This shows, inappropriate be apt to has handled overwork issue, sequential meeting has many serious!
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