With 5 phase that the boss gets along
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Family kingdom dimension says, life has so 3 phase. Here with respect to follow the lead of, come 5 phase that get along with the boss.
Explain, oneself did foreign trade of 5 years and sale work quickly to the end of the year. In the private enterprise that holds Chinese great majority. What begin to be sold to the director all the time from assistant of initial two months general manager is deputy always arrive again now be unemployed.
If the fish waters,among them flavor is really, changes in temperature knows oneself.
One, meet level
I enter this company, pure belong to accidental. The work that does a sale also is all the time before this, just be unable to dissuade family again and again long-winded, ran back to Heibei from Guangzhou 2003.
Want what to do. The gad on the net. Saw this my present factory is in invite applications for a job. Send to try. Does wet hit the child. Cannot think of, the following day, the company calls,
Tell me tomorrow interview. Wash and dress dresses up, do not have a word all the way. In interview, everything is successful, it is finally only, the boss tells me, we return the position that you apply for to did not build this department at present,
If possible word, you begin to be made from general manager assistant first, the branch of every company jackarooes 10 days, still have additionally two fellow workers with what you jackaroo together, same position!
I am dizzy. Had heard fantastic story, had not seen such. It is a private enterprise after all, the boss is general manager.
Then, from the office production protects a technology character the flow that this is me. The 7th day, director of office of early in the morning informs me, let me prepare about safe respect groom, emphasize particularly on fire knowledge.
Will groom to entire company staff tomorrow! Good. This is test I ah. Then the reply arrives, need not prepare, if possible sentence, this morning or it is OK afternoon undertake grooming, need not prepare.
Have sth in mind of family director glare saw me a long time, final come to an agreement or understanding, my ask for instructions one.
Later, the boss looks for me, ask have a problem, reply: Without. Boss: That this afternoon.
Afternoon, firm dining room. Walk into when me inside when, discover many pairs of 300 eyes to cast the eye of observation together together to me.
Thanksed to, we had drilled ah...
40 minutes groom after ending, the boss follows my handclasp, say we were known today.
2, the phase that get along
The world does not have bilked lunch, if you want to become a grandfather, must become first grandchildren. The reason is so simple.
Leave a workshop everyday, after 40 days, I am established to sell a branch by accredit, include foreign trade department. By the way, assistant of another exercitation general manager had gone person.
That evening, we drank a lot of wine together. Everybody after all the age comparatives, although be competition same position, but hate without what after all. What is more,the rather that these two also are very open-minded advocate!
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