Duty field strategy: Friend, enemy and interest
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"Without forever enemy, also do not have forever friend, have forever interest only " it is a political diction originally, basically show the country concerns, the earliest it is who says I am not clear, but Er of auspicious of British premier grave has said for certain. English is such:

A Nation Has No Permanent Enemies And No Permanent Friends, only Permanent Interests.

The what that the friend here points to to know from the expression of English. This word often also is used on business field now. No matter be,the meaning that the connotation that the friend indicates between the businessman was not before apparently still is between the country, say strictly to use " ally " more appropriate perhaps, be in namely increase of a certain respect is same the common friend that reachs unanimous opinion thereby. Fall in this meaning " without forever enemy, also do not have forever friend, have forever interest only " it is right, because do not have two any countries (use a country for the moment this word) or the interest agrees forever between the businessman.

Nevertheless even if is to be on national sense, afore-mentioned talking paragraph also have different meanings. What is the country? "The country is people's career, and people is the accord that a lot of people are based on a law and interest is collective and the aggregate that union rises. " it is this country the delegate of the whole society inside limits, it is the delegate of people of this country collectivity. Qiu Jier has those who nod rape popular wishes to disrelish here, country and government are distinguishing actually, people often confuse sth with sth else of these two concepts. What is the government? The government is the executant of national authority, be a country by client. And the national increase that big the daily life of a family says evolves sometimes for governmental interest, saying with its is there is forever friend between the country, also do not have forever enemy, still be inferior to saying is there is forever friend between the government, also do not have forever enemy. Because the people of the whole world is yearning peace and friendly, any hostile behavior are not hope of place of each country people.

Also somebody uses this politics actor's lines form tolerate with others, someone says: "Life does not have forever friend, also do not have forever enemy. So called enemy and so called friend, just be the friend below interest drive and enemy stopped! Just be mutual the support between and be used. Just be the mutual depend on sb or sth for existence below existing state, mutual respect promotes mutual help each other. Today's friend is possible tomorrow melt into enemy, today's enemy turns into likely tomorrow friend. " look from a certain level, this paragraph of word has stated reason, if friend relation is built,be over interest foundation, those who bring about is such result necessarily! Accordingly, become a friend more easily without two people of interests, and easier also long. Two people that have interests whether become true friend to often want to undergo an acid test, enduring stern test to still can become a friend is highest state of the friend then, but this is very difficult, because the person should overcome human weakness,not be a breeze.
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