Duty field strategy: The 10 old classical philosophy of office worker
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1, obliterate the smear on glass or hit one crock hot water to work in the same place, these insignificant minor matter are the good convention that you want nurturance not to break aggrandizement. To your job, this is the capital with smooth and authentic brushstroke.

2, face others despise and slight, we do not answer evasive and shrink back. Should express actively friendly, making gift so is to be mixed benignantly practical, there is a region intermediate between retreat to avoid a conflict and ability, might as well try.

3, in the market in nowadays, competition always is inevitable. When involving outstanding achievement, evaluation and interest to allocate more the branch that hard to avoid has on any account, do not be hostile to because of this the other side, the most capable competitor often can get along with their adversary openness.

4, help newcome colleague does the work inside his portion is very decent move, appreciative one side can enter regular job in him flavour changes slowly after orbit, graph newspaper and pull basket the psychology of popular feeling makes the other side is communicated further hard.

5, if you do not have celebrated society human relation setting, and because allocate unjust and if feeling disappointed, do not want act blindly, you go up to still a kind of most reliable force can trust personally, that is enduring.

6, when others oversight or cool you, they are to telling you how to treat them, a variety of every kinds of condition is implicit potential proposals, final perhaps you should hold have only, lower stance, showing straight-out smiling face is not a very hard work.

7, you are fed up with play a card, be the same as people look to compare you is well-advised. If you are fed up with those jubilation that employ the fellow worker of the card because of this, that is very unwise.

8, the center that you are yourself career, your colleague is he himself regnal king, he may be interested in you, but this kind of interest seeks ego protection and the care photograph to him individual future very hard to compare with him. So, should distinguish in the job " your " and " my " this bounds, opposite vigilance reachs the independence on character to have profit to safeguarding both sides to work.

9, same a discretion that unit hard to avoid can remain to encounter differ, what resemble 100 yuan of par value and 1 yuan of par value is soft, cannot understand simply to be 100 times from the back for the area in front, much trouble need not pass on this problem.

10, without giving thought to your current profession outlook how, the work with active current and real with a view to has profit certainly, have talent for nothing and knowing expression is the world in the most lamentable sad, because this meeting makes you lose a lot of successful chances for nothing!