Strategy: Book of 3 big secret lets you laugh be proud IT duty field!
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Newest investigation data shows, 5 years the obtain employment of college graduate leads occurrence coast, minimum wage level falls actually broken 800. With this salary that opposite is a lot of IT people however level breaks up ceaselessly time, go to 6000 yuan again from 3000 yuan 10 thousand yuan of high pay, brief period should cost the goal that a few years ability achieves with respect to others of can successful implementation.

IT industry serves as the topmost industry that is in obtain employment pyramid, it is the professional dream of numerous youth all the time. So, for ideal to bosom high pay youth, how to realize their IT to dream?

Recipe one: The professional value of recognize IT

Normally people mentions IT handsome appearance, can associate to network engineer immediately. And the position such as systematic engineer, software engineer, software test engineer often by person oversight. IT of domestic famous foreign enterprise grooms orgnaization -- assistant president Ms. Sun Ying that amounts to medical ability says:  of  of  of discharge of  entangled Shi is thought of it is difficult to revise an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise Xing Dao of  of stalk of this head ⒄ is miscellaneous こ of instruct  Quan drips Φ eye is Pan of Chong of saddle of care of stitch the sole to the upper of locust of make one's rounds of large bamboo hat the development of the maturity that Ku extraction O plays market of industry of T of 臝 of modular  widow and technology, the software of unmanned before make inquires checks the position of engineer and Java/C# software engineer to warming up gradually.

According to statistic, at present breach of talent of our country software has been achieved 40 much. The talent's deficient caused the talent between the enterprise to contend for battle, also bring high pay income from personnel of course of study for software at the same time. The person that regard choose as course of study, want future of with a view to, choose for oneself in the near future inside very popular position. Such ability can make sure he are not replaced in the top of pyramid.

Recipe 2: Aureate -- social status of the implementation inside IT person short time breaks up time

In home, the person of on-the-job field crossed the body 30 years old to still do not have development normally, the path of his profession is very risky. Want to break through the bottleneck that the profession develops, choose a kind short-term the vocational training that get effective, the path vocation means that can be oneself to will come is further upward lay a foundation.

Assume office now at world-famous IT enterprise -- Huang Yong of engineer of development of advanced software of Java of China number company, tell a reporter: He original has a job that still calculates stability, but total feeling did not develop. Ponder and compare final course is for long, huang Yong withstood each respect (the different opinion that basically comes from parents) pressure, resolutely demit drops the job to arrive at IT of look forward to of inside and outside to groom orgnaization. Passed 3 months insecurity and after contented study, because achievement is outstanding, huang Yong is taken a fancy to by China number company, acquired present position, monthly pay is as high as 7000 yuan. Yellow brave unpleasant attack by surprise says excitedly: Choose an effective vocational training, made the earnest wish of my lifetime.
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