Strategy: Call you the husband of 5 great merit with duty indefectible field
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Become indispensable person

In the company, what the boss dotes on is some of staff that can be used instantly and can bring additional value. Administrative expert points out, the boss is in raises or when promoting, because you divide the work to be done well originally,often not be, also not be the achievement that goes because of you, feel you are helped somewhat to his future however. As employee, answer to often examine his conscience: If the company fires you, have a loss? Whether does your value, latent capacity hate to part with the level that abandon to the boss greatly? A word, want those who rely on oneself to hit go all out and of metre of follow closely times only fine strong point, become the company's indispensable person, this is crucial.

Seek noble photograph to aid

Noble does not reside perch personally certainly, they compare your slightly better in the respect such as experience, special skill, knowledge, skill, perhaps be person of your master, colleague, classmate, friend, recommend, they or materially give, or offer an opportunity, or give the edificatory of idea idea, or exert a subtle influence on of explain in words of teaching by one's own example. Had noble lead by hand, will show itself easily, shorten second successful time, 3 it is to do carelessly be bungled finish sth can shelter somewhat.

Build relation network

Socially, the person with the hardware very good may not such as a few professional competence however can stand out, many people are profit from human truck capacity. The Yi Ru in the unit this. Build relation network, create the vacuum that is helpful for ego development namely, get others hard approbate, support and collaboration.

How to increase " human capital " ? There is no lack of to be formed with the relation such as interest, hobby, classmate, fellow-townsman in the organization " small group " , strive for become among them enthusiasm of a; helps others, honesty of; of predestined relationship of wide ties be apt to, credence, integrity is those who win reliance and admire base stand tall and upright to will not contradict before turn over to the higher authorities is old.

Ceng Gao commandment says a senior elder, 4 words should be sure to keep in mind when reporting to the leader: "Do not explain difficulty " . Say as it is said, archaic messenger comes like successive newspaper the message of front be defeated, have the risk of behead. The boss faces environment of complex and changeful ministry of inside and outside everyday, want to encounter more difficult problem than employee, bear greater pressure. contradictory turn over to the higher authorities or report bad news, can make the boss' mood becomes more flooey, stay very likely still to him " increase chaos, give ability of difficult problem, job to differ " negative impression.

Avoid croaks

" constituent behavior learns " manage exposition and argumentation, when the person is undergoing setback and undeserved treatment, often can take inactive opposed attitude. Complaint is caused by dissatisfaction normally, the attention that hopes to get others and sympathize with. Although this is a kind of normal psychology " defend oneself " behavior, but it is boss heart is medium however the most painful. Most boss thinks, "Complaint a group of things with common features " with " complain a group of things with common features " not only ask for trouble, and cause each other suspicious inside the organization, hit group work morale. For this, when your complaint bellyful, might as well have a look at boss law: One, the boss is right; forever 2, when the boss is incorrect, consult please the first.
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