Limited company of food of drug of Jiangxi A clever golden hill
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Position condition Post of invite applications for a job: Market sale, extend / public relations kind Sell kind Manage / senior management / engineer kind of place to belong to an industry: Bazaar / supply and marketing of goods and materials / wholesale / retail / general merchandise / supermarket / shopping centers / brand shop

Number of invite applications for a job:

Branch of invite applications for a job of 3:

Position type:

Period of efficacy of high pay position: A week (released on October 13, 2008)

Working property:

Full-time month pay is equal: 2500—3000 yuan

Working area:

Guangxi - guest Guangxi - river pool Guangxi - LiuzhouPosition requirement Specific requirement: Want to have relevant working experience, welcome you join in working experience asks: 3 years above record of formal schooling asks: High school sexual distinction asks: Do not be restricted age requirement: From 25 years old To 45 years old of census register ask: Inner Mongolia - other show seat demand: Guangxi - other and professional requirement: Foreign language requirement: Without requirement of language of another name for Guangdong Province: Without marital status requirement: Do not be restricted