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Position condition Post of invite applications for a job: The sale is represented / bagman / sale member / sales promotion member What belong to an industry: Biology project / pharmacy / medicine / environmental protection

Number of invite applications for a job:

Branch of invite applications for a job of 10:

Position type:

Period of efficacy of high pay position: Action full till (released on October 10, 2008)

Working property:

Full-time month pay is equal: 2000—2500 yuan

Working area:

Jiangxi - city of another name for Jiangxi Province Other Position requirement Specific requirement: 1, be engaged in health care tasting 1 year above sells experience
2, love hillock respects property, hard-working, high school or the same educational level
3, be good at be being communicated with the person, language expression capability is strong
4, disposition is optimistic, self-confident, enthusiastic, have the affinity of fine
5, psychology bears capability is strong, dare to accept challenge and pressure
6, the capacity that has development innovation, have group collaboration mind
Responsibility base salary 1200 yuan deduct a percentage from a sum of money (individual deduct a percentage from a sum of money, sectional deduct a percentage from a sum of money) bonus (full attendence award, answer paragraph award, advanced branch award)
Cast resume to dial 15079766151 advisory interview directly next first
Apply for personnel to ask original of card of the graduation on the belt and requirement of experience of Id photocopy work: 1 year above record of formal schooling asks: High school sexual distinction asks: Do not be restricted age requirement: From 20 years old To 50 years old of census register ask: Show seat demand: Professional requirement: Foreign language requirement: Without requirement of language of another name for Guangdong Province: Without marital status requirement: Do not be restricted

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