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Seek job of interview of invite applications for a job of smooth wholesome unit
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Glue east online net on October 23 dispatch (wave of Luan Xu of Niu Xianming of reporter Xu Wenwu) recently, from human affairs branch understanding arrives, mou Ping makes public invite applications for a job this year the interview job of staff member of wholesome institution of 20 medical treatment is started formally.

According to " Yantai city sought unit of sanitation of medical treatment of smooth division share to make public general rules of staff member of invite applications for a job 2008 " the regulation that reachs its to adjust a specification, plan number through accomplishment of assembly of each professional post written examination and invite applications for a job, plan to decide 39 examinee enter range of interview qualification test, qualification test time on this Zhouwu and Saturday (on October 24, 25 days of) .

Matters concerned of particular qualification test and requirement detailed see net of Mou Ping's talent " sought announcement of qualification test of smooth wholesome invite applications for a job 2008 " column, network address: