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If you are,one is opposite current position is dissatisfactory, beginning to find a new position in a new year, this article is your helper. Working interview is the most important process in the journey of the boss that you go to facing future. You must resemble having tounament of a fencing or move competition of a chess is in that way tough and will treat interview adroitly.

This is is from William J. Morin and James C. Of Cabrera " in unemployment when how live and find another job successfully " one Wen Zhongzhai is singled out come. All rights reserved: Drake Beam Morin, inc; Publish: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

Morin is the president of the company of Drake Beam Morin of new York, cabrera is the chairman of this company. This company is the company of new job introduction with main country, office seat is in Philadelphia.

1. Introduce yourself

This problem is the first problem of the beginning of an interview normally, want additional caution not to dash along. As far as possible the reply that yields you is in a minute, end inside time of 2 minutes at most. Your answer should include the following 4 themes: Inchoate life, educational setting, working setting and the closest work experience. Should emphasize emphasize that final text. Want to remember the problem that this problem is a warm up normally well, do not waste your the most fundamental notion on this problem.

2. You have what kind of knowledge to our company

You must can talk about the product about this company, service, income, industry reputation, figure, target, put the issue that be in, run a color, worker, the problem such as the history and company culture. But do not show you to be opposite everything of this company know sth like the palm of one's hand. The reply that yields you can be reflected gave you to do a few research to this company, but do not let interview official be defeated by you (Overwhelm) , show you to hope to be able to understand about the company more circumstances.

You can begin to answer a question with such manner: "In my course that seeks the job, my investigation and study a lot of companies, stem from the reason that be as follows, you are one of companies that I am interested in: " .

With positive attitude answers this question, do not say so: "Everybody tells me this company is in predicament in, have the trouble of all sorts of appearance, this is I come the reason here " , it is that namely it is the reason that you are here really.

3. Why do you hope to come to our company work?

The worst result is " because I like a person " . If you like, is an animal, do then you go which work?

On the answer of this problem, and in the process of perforative and whole interview, an outstanding answer always comes from the investigation and study that makes at you, such word you are OK from the need of the company that respect answers back and forth. you say the job that you may say to your research shows this company place is done to hope to participate in, and they do the means huge of this job attracted you. For example, if this company is famous as a result of powerful management, feel puzzled your answer can mention this fact, state you hope to become a of this group. If this company emphasizes strong survey to send, emphasize you hoping to create your thing so, and you know this company special urge such action. If this company emphasizes economy controlling, your answer is had deep love for with respect to what should contain logarithm word.  
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