To apply for a job person intermediary applies for a job beware trap of 5 big in
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Window of Tianjin of people net · on October 28 report: To can find a good job, many to apply for a job person regard the important way that seeks obtain employment post as professional intermediary orgnaization. But ensure sectional introduction according to labor, at present Tianjin city profession introduces an orgnaization to be put in 5 kinds of problems, to apply for a job person must be careful when to apply for a job duty interpose trap.

Current, this city profession introduces 5 kinds of problems that the orgnaization exists to include: Ensure sectional license without labor, undertake professional introduction activity; Disobey a country to introduce a regulation about the profession, exceed limits to manage; Collect fees unreasonable; Provide false information; Hire information to violate rule of labor law law, moonish firewood 800 yuan, the insurance on contract of the autograph after probation half an year, qualification, rest every months one day, pay earnest money 600 yuan wait to 2000 yuan. These serious enroach on to apply for a job person legitimate rights and interests.

Labor ensures the person that censorial branch reminds to apply for a job, be not cheated by the tortious place of orgnaization of introduction of a few professions, should raise vigilance consciousness and discern analytic ability; The professional intermediary orgnaization of charge of high to collection specified number should increase more be on guard consciousness, should see management room inside whether card is illuminated all ready, have introduce licence without the profession, whether to have collect fees licence; The professional introduction activity that discovers frame-up compasses should ensure censorial branch in time to inform against to various labor complain. (Hou Yan)