Say inferior position makes you successful win interview opportunely
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The undergraduate of strong finish school cannot give a person the impression with sophisticate when interview of to apply for a job, offend life be disgusted with, want to let a person feel honest.

When interview cannot self-dramatizing, also cannot guilty and cowardly, want honest, it is one, 2 be 2, state oneself advantage and inferior position come out, let study government-owned make a final decision. Of course, want to say the advantage says inferior position less more, but cannot say the advantage does not say inferior position only absolutely, even if say a clear inferior position only -- stronger than saying also without experience, because,somebody is every time interview is active 9 oneself inferior position win state take an examination of government-owned good impression and interview is successful.

The person that has an interview that take an examination of an official says: "You are not the most outstanding, it is the honestest however, before you, what uncover oneself actively without the person is short. " actually, what myself uncovers is most those who not matter is short, concern with working itself not quite, go applying for a secretary for instance, I won't tell to take an examination of an official absolutely my type rate is one times slower than the requirement, and say oneself are not quite beautiful only, stature is short, a bit fat, these have nothing to do with secretary job itself, and clearly, I do not say the boss also looks so that see, if I do not say the boss can consider as inadequacy, myself said to become a good point instead, bad emergency is meddlesome.